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Scorpion mob

under review


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    Well, then tell us what their behavior would be like, what they would drop, and any other special features they would have. Try to focus on integrating your idea into the game as a whole, rather than suggesting it as a cute but useless add-on.

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    I'm with you on the idea, but your lack of detail or concept of what scorpions could do and drop fails to encourage its addition to the game.

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    They should drop a scorpion egg that you would then be able to hatch with a light 1 to 2 blocks away from them, when hatching it would shake and make cracking noises, when the baby scorpian has hatched you have atomatically tamed it, you can make it lay down, are have it follow you and attack hostile mobs, or anything you attack. Over a span of 2 to 4 Minecraft days it will become an adult which would be as big as the player, it would still be tamed. If you had another adult scorpian that is tamed you can breed them and a egg will appear on the back of one of the scorpians which you could pick up and do the same proses as hatching a scorpian from a wild scorpians egg.


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    They could also drop poison which you can add to your sword or arrows, would also have a chance of dropping 1 to 3 scales which you can make really good armor with that would have thorns.


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    Skyswinger330 commented

    Make the scorpion the spider's desert-counterpart just like the husk is to the zombie. I think it would be interesting to find a lot of them crouded around desert temples too.

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    승헌 전 commented

    Their main predator must be meerkat if added, meerkat capable of hunting them without being stung

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    1. scorpions can be neutral mobs at day time and hostile at night time, they could give you poison, spawn in desserts and mesa biomes, and they could act like spiders.
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    Riplings commented

    As someone who has been playing in the beta builds of Minecraft- Minecraft creators themselves not too long ago released a “Demostration” of new mobs for Minecraft during the Minecon 2018 event.

    One of these demo mobs actually included Scorpions.. which further proves they need to be in the game.

    Scorpions should be small.. (maybe make a potion where you can mutate it to be large and rideable) but Small as natural desert mobs

    The deserts of Minecraft are empty and boring, and adding scorpions would add a little more life to that area of the game.

    They will always be hostile.. but easy to kill, and if they sting you it inflicts poison damage over time. Killing scorpions will drop their stingers as well a small eatable form of meat and a new crafting ingredient (outside of the tail) Scorpion Corpse.. (or Chitin if you prefer using the ARK Survival Evolved word for it)

    The Corpse can be used in bad witch like potions, or it can be used inside a wall hanging to display the scorpion you killed.

    The should have more then one color scheme too, dark brown,green (easily seeable) and then the desert sand brown red sand colors (not easily seen and can actually blend in with the ground if your not paying attention)

    But the bottom line: If Minecrafts developers themselves have been toying around with the idea of Scorpions, they NEED to be in the game!!!!
    And they needed to be in it Yesterday.

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    Badorick commented

    they could inflict poisin

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    Mc Rat commented

    I think they should replace Spiders in Deserts.

    They would be different from Spiders in a way that they have a secondary attack with their pincher. They would show a small sign that they're about to use the pincher and charge the attack.

    But if it hits it would deal a lot of dmg and would give a status effect that disables sprinting and/or jumping.

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    Cahshwyga commented

    Yesss, have them drop a posion sack you can use for brewing potions or arrows, and when they sting you make it deal poison damage like a cave spider. Make it so they spawn in desert caves at night and above ground in daytime in the desert. Also since scorpions glow in the dark have them light up under torches and lanterns. Make their claws nice and meaty sized, and have them about a block long from claw to tail

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    Cole Hammond commented

    They should inflict poison and attack players. They could also hide in the sand like silver fish in stone.

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    BennyCocoPop commented

    Neutral Mob
    If you hit it, it attacks you, OR if you get within 1.5 blocks of it
    It does 3 Damage (1.5 Full Hearts) gives 4 seconds of Poison II everytime you get hit by it and it has 18 Health (Spiders have 16)
    It's (obviously) an arthropod, something we need much more of...
    And it would make the Desert far more scary to simply travel through

    Thats what i think it should do

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    Scorpions live in more than desserts

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    Karp Guy commented

    Ok imma just fill in the detail that this posts lacks
    Scorpions, like husks, would replace spider spawns in deserts. They’d be similar size, and inflict poison.

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    are they tameable?

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    This would be a very cool idea for a hostile mob exclusive to both the desert and Badlands biome's since they can easily use the Spider model as the base and just adjust the model a bit and give it big claw's and a scorpions tail that would inflict poison


    heck it would also be cool if just like Spider's that they would have a chance to spawn with a skeleton riding on their back making a Scorpion jockey

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    J1GGLYP1KACHU commented