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(Licensed Content) Zelda texture pack for switch


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    Nox cgt commented

    A Breath of the Wild mashup pack would be awesome! Of course, Mojang has to wait for Nintendo to say that they want to make one.

    Since the Master Sword would have to be the Diamond Sword, I'm thinking maybe there could be Ancient Tools that are made with gold?

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    MarbleRain26 commented

    I would love to have anything zelda related in minecraft, especially a mash-up pack.

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    Yes! This needs to happen, at least as an exclusive on Nintendo Switch like the Mario pack. I would love to see a Zelda skin pack, and a resource pack with it would be even better!

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    Master t 857 commented

    I would love anything zelda related in minecraft, A mash-up pack and/or an addon pack, maybe the end could be the new underground thing in botw2 and the Dragon could be the malice/the calamity.

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    David Newbon commented

    If you think about it, Zelda is a perfect skin/world pack for Minecraft. Link is a sword fighter and a lot of the features in Zelda could be replicated in Minecraft