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Cats being able to fish.

under review


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    I think to balance it, the cat should catch fish (and goodies) at a slower rate than you would with a rod.  The benefit would be the ability to accumulate items over time while you do other things.

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    creepperklr2 commented

    They can now bring you some things as gifts when you wake up.

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    TheitsthebigA commented

    Just imagine them slowly creeping up to the water, then they jump into it! Then they swim back with a fish in its mouth, it either eats the fish or drops it. That would a great quality of life feature

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    stinkytoes67 commented

    now that the new fish mobs have been added cats might be able to target and kill fish (like a wolf kills sheep and skeletons)

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    it would be a great way to do afk fish farms

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    @TheitsthebigA that's not how cat's catch fish.