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Ants in Minecraft


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    I like this idea. what if you could force queen ants to make ant hills near your house or something, it would be so cool.

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    Maybe there could be a colony of ants the size of 1 block. Able to crawl out of a hole, and scavenge for food. I.E. farm animals and hostile mobs. With a queen at the center of all this destruction.

    Normal workers look like ordinary red ants, being born when a queen eats farm animal meat.

    Zombie ants from the queen eating Rotten Flesh, are tougher but slower.

    Skeleton Ants from the Queen eating Bones, will spit projectiles at anything that is not an ant.

    Spider Ants from Spider Eyes, will be smaller than other ant types. But, are poisonous and can crawl through transparent blocks(windows, fences, doors, etc.)

    Exploding Ants from Gunpowder, will explode near the player(not other mobs, it will just attack as normal).

    Ender Ants from Ender Pearls, will teleport randomly like Endermen. Possibly ending up in your farm stables, or home…

    New Queen from the original eating Phantom Membranes, the Skeleton Ants would have to shoot down a Phantom to get the drop, and deliver this to their queen.

    Having this could make potential combat/cave updates interesting. As you are not the only entity mining and taking down enemies... beware the large threat from below.

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    Wouldn't these lead to lag like a million ants in your whole server. And 20 Ants attacking you will just lead to lag but I like the idea though, but it's your Opinion not mine but I am just talking about what will be wrong with this if it got added. Thank you if you read this. ;)

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    the small ant commented

    LoL love this idea Mojang has to add this to bolth bedrock and java edition of the game

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    i like this idea so much and there should be diffrent variants like the fish but they have there own spawn egg like fire ant camponotus ant and bullet