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Improve /data

needs info


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    Hi there, This feedback is incomplete and not useable by our team in its current form. Can you explain what you're looking for? Thanks, it will help us express your idea to the team in an actionable way.

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    tryashtar commented
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    As for working with players, that's extremely unlikely to happen for security reasons and because the player lives mostly on the client.

    As for multiple entities, you can already do that: /execute as @e run data merge entity @s {Air:0s}

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    Hulunabc commented
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    I support. The current /data can only edit one entity, so we need /execute as to edit multiple entity data. Also, /data can't modify a players data, causing some inconvenience.

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    Alex Testria commented
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    It would be extremely helpful for Map Makers if they could change the player's NBT Tags per data merge.

    Alone changing the motion of the player would be a huge addition.
    I write huge datapacks in Minecraft and I'm always sad about it........ :'(