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Minecraft (Bedrock) Switch HUD/GUI scale


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    ChevCast commented
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    The option is there in docked mode but not handheld mode. The UI really is super tiny in handheld mode and I find it very hard to see what I'm doing without straining my eyes. There's plenty of screen real estate that the UI could expand into. Please give us the option to adjust GUI scale in handheld mode. You could almost double the size of the current UI and it would still fit on the switch screen.

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    WF8dev commented
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    SO MUCH YES!!!  We REALLY need GUI scaling in portable & docked modes on the Switch!  It has brought down the future likelihood of my wife & kids playing together with me considerably (she complained she couldn't see what she was doing, nor can I very well in either mode -- We've got a 48" TV!).  Can we get the pocket UI (edge-to-edge) on Switch (including & especially in split screen) for inventory/recipe/crafting interfaces?

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    vicksonzero commented
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    It would be much needed to customize UI scale separately for handheld and docked mode respectively