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(Beta/Snapshots Program) Beta and non-beta play together


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    That's really impossible.  Betas are experimental and can be unstable, or even broken in some important ways.  Even if they are entirely stable, they have some differences that are being tested in the beta.  In servers you have to all be running the same version of the game, and a beta is a different version.

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    Knucthestrang commented

    This would be a hard update to do. Because if you're in a older version and the person is a higher version, the app you have will crash or has a missing block that is ugly with text on a piece of dirt even the latest beta version and, that will not work. The beta has a few things changed (like adding more mobs,bugs that got ironed out, and a block) that the version doesn't have/didn't get ironed out. This comment was like ClayGoddessSari's comment 

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    DarthIvanhoe commented

    I WISH i could play on 2b2t server with my beta version or there could've a button to deactivate beta and play in old places

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    I agree that it would be nice if there was a way to disable the beta for multiplayer play.  That way the beta testers don't have to give up playing with their friends while they help test new features.

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    Arya Krysa commented

    That would be great, but it would be pretty much impossible.

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    SigilScribe commented

    yes cause all of my friends don't have beta


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    RoblKyogre commented

    I could see this being achieved if there was a toggleable setting in a world where you could enable beta features. If enabled, only players of the beta could join, but if disabled, players on the latest version could join. Basically, two versions of Minecraft exist at once. The release version would be loaded if the setting was off, while the beta version would be loaded if it was on.

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    TravelByTrain commented

    Dude, that doesn't work, because one person has content that another doesn't so when the later person comes his game breaks.

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    Ch0coPancake commented

    but different versions have different things so if u did that different people will either have less or more items and thats just impossible