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Clone Update (Clone Your Self!)

under review


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    What purpose would this clone serve?

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    Robin Rogge commented

    There are no "player" entities in the game.
    This command could only be implemented by faking real players or adding a completely new entity to the game, a lot of effort for something that you don't specify the purpouse of.
    It would be great if you could give some use-cases showing why this could aprove the game.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    That would so cool, like if your friend wasn't playing you could use a clone for maps or something

    Ex: /ent_create clone {skin:Friend} and now someone with the username: "Friend" is now summoned. This should be in minecraft, I've been wanting to do this for awhile instead of using armor stands and heads. 

    Maybe the command could be: /ent_create clone {skin:Friend,NoAI:1}, now the clone can't move and can be used for maps instead of armor_stands with someone's skull, you now have the whole body.

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    Awesome idea! This would be a great addition. Although it’s a little different from my idea of the clone command, it’s still an awesome concept.

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    ImEMBEAM commented

    this does not really fit the minecraft fell and does not make any sense, but maybe a new entity that could pull player skins for its texture, like player heads

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    Moltocunno commented

    THIS IS A GREAT IDEA. then I would be able to clone people. and I have some ideas >:)


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    sirdaniel0 commented

    Yes please! Please add this mojang!

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    What will happen if clone self. Idk let find out


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    Simonster1310 commented

    I made a post like this but also with zombies too

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    Dylan Jones commented

    Cool idea, but I like the idea of setting an NBT tag on an armor stand to do this, just like with player heads.

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    Zalaxci commented

    It could be implemented in the summon command:
    /summon clone @s/@p/@r/playername

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    Skath21 commented

    Perfect Idea I’m totally voting this person that would be so COOL TO HAVE ANOTHER ME I LOVE THIS SUGGESTION!!!


    It would be nice to have a army of Skath21’s

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    Emily Jacobs commented

    Love this idea 


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    Simonster1310 commented

    Why do we need a clone update?