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Bedrock Edition on Raspberry Pi


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    This would never work on the pi hardware

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    coolboy3241 commented

    The pi cant even play a 240p video smoothly bedrock edition wont work on there

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    superpowers04 commented

    Actually you would be suprised i installed kodi on my raspberry pi and it played 720P video better then my xbox 360 or PS4 if you were to make a pi edition that had its settings very low it would be possible i mean someone got java edition working on the pi so its possible and bedrock is soo optimized

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    SVMKnight commented

    Has anyone tried installing android on a 3B+ and using the android version of bedrock edition?

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    The81Percent commented

    Bedrock on Mac is more important

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    Thats A Good Idea


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    JakecraftJ25 commented

    Reasons why this won't happen:

    1. Mojang announced a long time ago that they would no longer update the Raspberry Pi version of the game.

    2. The Raspberry Pi is like 30 dollars and runs like a disabled potato.

    3. Almost nobody has a Raspberry Pi these days so it really isn't worth it for the devs to work on yet another version of the game.

    Sorry, kid. Just not happening.

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    TheReduxPL commented

    Jakecraft, funny for you to say that one week prior to the release of RPi 4, which turns out to be like 30-40% more powerful in games. RPi aren't as weak as they used to be.

    You can run Minecraft 1.8.9 - the Java edition - on an old RPi 2. And while it runs at 20-30 fps with Optifine and all settings set to off/lowest, remember it's the Java edition we're talking about. In my book it's already pretty good.

    Then you have Minecraft 1.12.2 running on the latest recently-released RPi 4 at 40-60 fps on default settings. Add Optifine and BetterFPS, and you can get even more frames.

    Though I agree, from developers' standpoint it doesn't make much sense to develop the game for the RPi, the only gaming-related use this thing is bought for is emulation. Nobody buys it to use as a "daily driver" device. Also I'm pretty sure people will find a way to put Android on a RPi 4, which would enable RPi owners to play Minecraft PE. And I've heard there are ways to run MCPE on Linux, so... yeah, not much of a point.

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    ok but why the raspberry pi?

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    LOIC AUSSET commented
    because there is minecraft on the raspbery pi but not the latest version (a by on android pi)