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Remove the world border and load the chunks on the oppisite side of the map


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    What you're suggesting could make a cylinder, but that's not the same as making it a planet.  Making it a planet would mean it's spherical, and you can't make a sphere out of a flat surface.  For what you're proposing to be reasonable, you would have to be able to walk in any direction and get back to where you started.

    The other issue is the world gen isn't going to be seamless, at least not with the simple stitch together you're proposing.  You might be able to travel across the border, but it's going to be very obvious.


    This would be absolutely amazing as a finite world, but to be seamless and smooth it would require a severe tweaking to world generation.  I honestly don't know how much it would take to make a seamless, spherical minecraft world.

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    Baroquetroll commented
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    I think a toroidal world was an old reddit suggestion? If both X and Z coordinates behaved like that. And that it would be usefull for most players if you could decide the size of that world in incroments of world save file sizes. It should probably apply to both overworld and nether, but not the end?