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Trained pets


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    SlyGallant commented

    Sit and stay seem like the same command on a functional level.
    I mean the dog will continue to sit until you give it a different command, and it's not going to be scooting around on it's tail end, right?

    Free roam would be nice, I always feel guilty taming a wolf or an ocelot, and dooming it to a life of dangerous adventure, mortal combat and natural hazards OR a life limited to occupying a 1 meter by 1 meter space, never to stand or leave again...

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    Horses at least shouldn't just start roaming the moment you get off their back.  Especially with how leads are unreliable at best.  A horse with a saddle on should maybe roam within 5 blocks of where you stopped so that they aren't standing unnaturally still, but should not decide to just take off to parts unknown.

    The ability to give different commands to dogs would be amazing too.  Follow on a dog would be like what we currently have, but staying within 3 or 4 blocks of the player.  It drives me crazy when I'm just trying to get a dog inside a safe area to make it sit and I can't get it to come close enough.

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    Arya Krysa commented

    Stay would be like staying but being able to choose between sitting or standing?

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    masterR1305 commented

    I strongly believe this is also a big feature to give them free roam but also that they would not react (in free roam) when you get hit!

    It would change the whole aspect of having tamed animals, this counts for all the tamed animals like parrots too.

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    Cj Conaway commented

    I think maybe the parrots should have it to where they can land on a fence and stay on it and then I could have my home cleaner and [self promotion removed, please don't do this on this site ~mod]

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    I think you could use a whistle item to make more complex commands to your pets: like sit, stand, attack, stop attacking, come here, run away, etc...

    And the dog should also trace a mob using the drop of the mob.

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    Epicbuttercat commented

    having dogs roaming around in a house would make the atmosphere of everything just better with that feeling of having another pet thats not just sitting in one spot

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    Megalo DAB commented

    having more modes would be super cool. You could make them roam around an area, and they would maybe stay within a certain radius of a block that you mark. This would make the concept of a guard dog possible in minecraft, and make the "security systems" of parrots and cats even more effective when paired with dogs. cool idea!

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    Mylo Luxuria commented

    I feel like if you do things with dogs alot they should learn to do that (like killing zombies, to go home if hurt etc.), the process would speed up if you give it food even when it doesnt need it as a treats.

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    fat welder commented

    If the tamed pet is taken home they can roam a chunk or 2 area around a block that you place as a home block,