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Falcons would be awsome to add


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    LindolfoDias commented

    The falcon will attack the mob you attack. To send the falcon at a target you will need the falconry gloves.

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    Um you mean the Mesa Bioms? And I love the Idea. I love falcons and hawks and owls and would like to see them all in Minecraft

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    Good idea, I’m ready for a new pet

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    X8bitspectreX commented

    I think this would be great, it could be easy since there are already parrots in the game! 
    If you were to use the parrots as a base then while its not sitting or on your shoulder it could fly around if there isnt a fence in your chunk, yes it would be cool that you attack to send it out, but it would be inconvenient, but if it were to be on your shoulder when you attack it could come off to help you fight what you're fighting, or if its roaming then when you attack something it would swoop in to help, this would also make hunting more fun, heres an example, you have your bow and you want to kill a cow to get some leather or beef, you shoot the cow and then your falcon swoops down and finishes it off!