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Poison on certain mobs needs to be changed


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    Fixed the subject line typo.

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    I agree, these would be very nice changes. Thanks for posting!

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    SlyGallant commented
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    Sounds cool! 

    I'm on board for this!

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    CorePaladin commented
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    I actually agree with you mostly because it would be a great game mechanic, but here is a devil's advocate for the current setup:

    The reason healing harms is because healing someone who is dead makes them alive, which means healing undead makes them unalive, or dead. Poison, however, works in the real world by paralyzing tissue, especially muscles and lungs. Seeing as skeletons have neither, they should remain unaffected. If we were to apply poison to zombies, however, in keeping with reality, they'd just become paralyzed, which is simply a confusing mechanic to non-scientists.