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    CivetKitty commented

    Java already has a way to do this, but not with this syntax. Currently, the syntax is this. 

    /execute in <overworld|the_nether|the_end> run tp <target> <location>

    I hope that Bedrock will implement the new command system and break every single map in the marketplace, just like Java. 

    [special formatting removed ~nb]

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    WindingTheRopes commented

    I agree. It would be great for a new cheat! Maybe it would also contribute to different servers and mini games...

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    Weero2017 commented

    Now you can do it by execute command

    Like This

    /execute as @a[tag=to_the_nether] at @s in the_nether run tp @s ~ ~ ~

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    Zorro8183 commented

    In response to the previous comment pertaining to the "execute" command, were you referring to Java or Bedrock version? Also, would this work for interdimensional teleportation (ie: teleporting from the overworld directly to a specific location in the Nether)?

    In advance, if your comment IS referring to Bedrock, can you please explain better how to use that command to teleport from a specific location in the overworld to same in the Nether?

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    CloneTrooperGuy commented

    That  would be a great idea! Super cool! The only con I can think of is how would you get back?

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    MJLCanadaUSA73 commented

    This would be great

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    AlexHasNoFace commented

    This sounds like a cool idea, I’ll vote for it. Currently the best option is to:

    1. Summon an armour stand.
    2. Use a name tag and call it nether1 or something.
    3. Put a repeating command block that says /tp @p[r=2] (Position)
    4. Use the /tickingarea command and load the chunk the armour stand is in.
    5. Go to the overworld and put a command block that executes /tp @p @e[type=armor_stand,name=nether1]

    Currently thats our best option.

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    nicolas rodriguez commented

    I think the /tp command could be updated as:

    /tp <x> <y> <z> [dimension_id] [rx] [ry]

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    Lord Maliscence commented

    I feel like it would make sense to make this with the format of /tp [xyz] d:[overworld, nether, end, o, n, e, 0, 1, 2] but the last tag is optional, defaulting to Overworld. Same with any other thing that uses coordinates, such as /summon [entity] [xyz] d:[o, n, e] etc.

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