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Dimension teleporter

under review


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    CivetKitty commented

    Java already has a way to do this, but not with this syntax. Currently, the syntax is this. 

    /execute in <overworld|the_nether|the_end> run tp <target> <location>

    I hope that Bedrock will implement the new command system and break every single map in the marketplace, just like Java. 

    [special formatting removed ~nb]

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    I agree. It would be great for a new cheat! Maybe it would also contribute to different servers and mini games...

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    Weero2017 commented

    Now you can do it by execute command

    Like This

    /execute as @a[tag=to_the_nether] at @s in the_nether run tp @s ~ ~ ~

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    Zorro8183 commented

    In response to the previous comment pertaining to the "execute" command, were you referring to Java or Bedrock version? Also, would this work for interdimensional teleportation (ie: teleporting from the overworld directly to a specific location in the Nether)?

    In advance, if your comment IS referring to Bedrock, can you please explain better how to use that command to teleport from a specific location in the overworld to same in the Nether?

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    That  would be a great idea! Super cool! The only con I can think of is how would you get back?

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    This would be great

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    AlexHasNoFace commented

    This sounds like a cool idea, I’ll vote for it. Currently the best option is to:

    1. Summon an armour stand.
    2. Use a name tag and call it nether1 or something.
    3. Put a repeating command block that says /tp @p[r=2] (Position)
    4. Use the /tickingarea command and load the chunk the armour stand is in.
    5. Go to the overworld and put a command block that executes /tp @p @e[type=armor_stand,name=nether1]

    Currently thats our best option.

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    I think the /tp command could be updated as:

    /tp <x> <y> <z> [dimension_id] [rx] [ry]

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    I feel like it would make sense to make this with the format of /tp [xyz] d:[overworld, nether, end, o, n, e, 0, 1, 2] but the last tag is optional, defaulting to Overworld. Same with any other thing that uses coordinates, such as /summon [entity] [xyz] d:[o, n, e] etc.

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    Simplifying a command to do this is a welcome addition.

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    Mojang should make it work like this:

    • /tp @s 36 59 86 minecraft:the_nether
    • /teleport @r 287 100 995 minecraft:overworld
    • /teleport @a 100 49 0 minecraft:the_end

    If there is no dimension added at the end, it would teleport within the current dimension of that entity, which could be any dimension.

    The reason it would be added at the end of the line is because it wouldn't change a thing for current minecraft maps and /tp command use. You don't need to fix any previous use of the tp command in command blocks once this change comes out, because it would work within the current dimension by default, just like before.

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    Leasoncre2 commented

    adding a block that can do this (rather expensive craft i'd expect, ender-eyes,quartz,nether-star.etc..) would be an awesome technical addition. though it does encroach on the existing modded community that has something that can do this.

    Great idea.