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Enchantment Color and Color in general


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    MukiTanuki commented
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    I would moreover put this idea as adding a glint color nbt to items.
    Something like:


    In theory, with a system like this you could have a glint color applied to an item's nbt every time you enchanted an item.  This would also mean there could be unique glint colors for certain enchantments (orange for flame, fire prot., and fire aspect.  blue for resperation, aqua affinity, etc.) and they would average with the current item's glint color (in a VERY similar manner to how the coding for dying leather armor works).

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    @MukiTanuki That would be great. Minecraft do yo thing!

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    AURAequine commented
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    Perhaps an additional slot in an enchanting table to add an influence of color to the resulting enchantment?
    Or maybe it could be as simple as using a dye with an enchanted item in an anvil.

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    Martin Villa commented
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    MukiTankuni I agree with your idea

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    Mc Rat commented
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    I think it should be so that the Enchantment color is based on the "theme" of the enchantment, so fire-related enchantments are orange, water-related ones are blue, etc.


    edit: oh i didn't realize MukiTanuki  already said this

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    GenerousFox18 commented
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    This would be great for adventure map content creators

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    Automachina commented
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    My thought on how to add enchantment colors is to have a variety of rare gems to be used in the enchanting table, so instead of lapis, there are rubies, emeralds, amber, amethyst, etc.

    This would make mining for gems more exciting (and useful if you want gems to actually influence the type of enchantments). I'm not to sure about a leather-dying-like coloring system, that sounds a bit too nuanced for this.

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    JAGBITE commented
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    To everyone here that is saying have the color correlate to the enchantments ability that is a bad idea. You may like looking like a rainbow but i dont and im sure there is plenty of others on the same page. Make a cave update add crystals. The crystals would be used as enchantment dyes and could be turnded into blocks for decoration or you could silk touch them and use the raw crystal for decoration.