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Horses getting startled


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    Yes, it can be dangerous to stand behind a horse.  But we can imagine that the minecraft characters are doing the things to make sure the horse knows they're there and won't be startled.

    I would support a horse being able to do kick damage to hostile mobs, tho.  As they can hurt the horse and are not going to be reassuring it.

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    aiden aragon commented

    Yes I agree Horses should become Neutral.

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    The goal of this feature would be to warn children about standing directly behind horses in real life.  If we assume that the players take the safe precautions, then players will be able to carelessly stand behind horses.  Taking the necessary precautions should be more deliberate.


    Also, horses would not necessarily be made neutral; they just have a behavior that makes standing behind them dangerous.

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    DVa DVotee commented

    Yes this is totally a needed feature! Since minecraft has a very wide audience, I think a "horse safety update" is very needed. I have posted about this as well. I know things kids see in games influences them (maybe too much) and this could be a very educational feature. I've actually known kids who think pet wolves start acting like dogs (lol) so I think if kids knew that horses kicked things that were behind them that they would know that horses can be very dangerous animals indeed, but only when treated improperly.