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More "togetherness" (All consoles)


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    Sony wasn't going to participate plus Xbox 360 editions do not have the power to handle the cross play and they are also being discontinued.

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    KillerBR441 commented

    that is a good idea

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    RobotZap10000 commented

    Sony and old consoles either don't participate or can't handle the game.

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    Ducker 529 commented

    You should just have to sign in to your Microsoft account and then play. I mean, I'm pretty sure they are still updating the old consoles so it wouldn't be that hard, besides, if I can play minecraft with my friends on my $70 phone, I should be able to play with my friends on my ps3.

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    egamer133 commented

    Sony is willing to do cross-play now so it's not too hard for them to do that. I do think that they totally could make the Xbox 360 and PS3 run the game just fine IF they use the Bedrock engine, I still think that the last gen consoles are using the Older and slower engine they used for a while on consoles. Wii U could 100 percent run it, the CPU just really sucks in it. Just Mojang probably doesn't want to spend time on the Wii U edition of the game simply because barely any people play it.

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    L1amaPalooza commented

    I agree. 

    Better is best if "together" includes everyone.

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    buffie hyman commented

    It's Not Mojang's fault. Blame Sony.

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    EJ H commented

    i agree. but nobody plays the wii u and ps3 editions of the game.