This is a feedback area for education features like Chemistry, Code Builder, and other educational tools/themes we should provide for learning in Minecraft.

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    RealCC419 commented

    If this means to say that items like balloons and glow sticks should be in the creative inventory, I disagree. The fact that crafting them is the only way to get chemistry objects means that users must actually go through the steps to creating them. No learning would happen if students just took these items from creative mode.

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    LeadedInk132 commented

    RealCC419 it would actually be better and some learning is better than none. Plus stuff will be more fun for user even if they don't learn. Its a great idea and i think it should be added cause having it only in bedrock edition and pocket edition is kinda unfair to us PC users and other versions who don't have it. I would love to see this in the game.

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    TimoklesDev commented

    I agree!  I like using these features, but it's far too much of a pain to actually craft these.

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    SleekGalaxy5143 commented

    Yes we need the items in creative mode an survival


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    GrumpyCatDoesMc commented

    I Think they should be in creative menu for those who like to build . And it would take so much time to crate every item you would like to use for your creation making it a lot harder for creators to build 

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    HyperCRAFT21 commented

    Es cierto, de donde los jovenes van a aprnder, no por eso s el tiutlo Minecraft:Education Edition. Por eso no estoy de acuerdo que los items no esten en modo creativo.

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    SenaCat12 commented

    I do agree there should be some inclusion of the chemistry workbenches into survival, with the separator there's a survival friendly way to obtain most of the required elements for the current possible recipes, other than helium off the top of my head. It gives an extra usage for left over 'junk' blocks of dirt and cobblestone, and would incentivize players to test all the different block types to see what they would provide. The element constructor could be operated with special materials or possibly be powered by XP, for the elements that are harder to come by. My suggestion would be to make the workbenches midgame content, something around early Nether, with your options of what you can do opening up from there.

    I might suggest nerfing the amount of some elements you get from things like dirt, because oxygen builds up very very quickly and I find myself dumping stacks of it into the garbage chute to get it out of the way. But I think that introduction opens up some interesting advanced content that would appeal to players who like the more technical aspects, and would give more room for modders to expand and take advantage of having literally the entire elemental table at hand.

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    Dinorauria commented

    How about we make a new tab of items related to a specific study in the creative menu? (although some items related to chemistry I would love to see as actual items in game someday. Underwater TNT sounds like too much fun)

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    DayPrawn7855245 commented

    Adding items such as Ballons and Glowsticks into the creative inventory would be beneficial as you can simply deconstruct them into their elements with the chemistry equipment. However, adding education items to Survival is dangerous as you can make a whole bunch of items without collecting and crafting, by just simply using the element constructor. And for that, I simply do not approve.

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    Shadeslayer975 commented

    what about making diamonds hard to craft? the chance of making a diamond should be very low, say about 3.25% for every diamond. a good percentage of chance?