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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


End Village


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    SupersuMC commented

    This reminds me of the Farlanders mod for some reason. Those were the days... :)

    However, a small problem with this is that End Cities are saved as end_village in the data files of Minecraft worlds. Other than that, this is a great idea!

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    Dinorauria commented

    I like this idea, maybe the End villages could be child-like versions of the Endermen.

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    Martin Villa commented

    Terrible idea, the end cities count as the villages of the end. Also, not every dimension needs villages.

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    Noracut commented

    Wy not add this whit 1.14 would be great and suitable

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    itz46reyalP commented

    Aren't those end cities

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    yoop gim commented

    bacicly you should upgrade end citys

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    FlamingCorgi commented

    Only reasons villages won’t be in the End/Nether is because of the environment. First is how safe the Villagers are in the first place, Lava, Fire, Void, Mobs, Ect. so that cuts it out, Villagers like feeling safe. Next is resources, the end and Nether are a little Barren on useful resources that are natural to them, so they may starve or not be able to build their houses well. And finally, how would they get there in the first place? Unless there is an open Nether portal or End Portal then it seems far fetched they would settle down there. But despite that I do believe Villagers should have end and nether variants just in case Players make their own villages there.

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    I like your idea, but villagers would need to feel safe if they are villagers, perhaps it could be more modern or space like with green domes and traditional crops as well as chorus and potentially other end specific plants.

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    Liam Geraghty commented

    Just put enderman villagers into the end cities.

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    FatalAcacia commented

    NO dragon eggs. You have to fight the ender dragon to get its egg. I don't understand why anybody proposes to have the dragon egg come from anywhere other than the ender dragon. 

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    Brenda Catt commented

    I like both ideas, cool spacey colonist villagers, and enderman villagers.