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Baby enemies


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    Captain Kcaz commented
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    I like the idea, but babies are faster than adults, maybe a few minor changes to babies to make them seem less a pain in the neck: 1. Baby creepers have half the explosion radius than adult ones. 2. Baby endermen do not teleport at all and dies in water. 3. Baby Witches do not have a potion of poison. 4. Baby skeletons do not wield bows and only charges at the player.

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    This is a very good post.  I like the witch idea best.  

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    457gaming YT commented
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    I like your idea. I was thinking that but what if baby hostile mobs followed there parent hostile mobs. Also I think some of the baby mobs should attack but instead make the adult hostile mob more deadly. This is what I would put for attackers and non attacking baby enemies.
    Attacker babies: zombies (all types), Skeletons (all types), slime, magma cubes, illagers (all types), witch, silverfish, endermite, spider (both), guardian (both) and enderman.
    Non attacker babies: Creeper, ghast, and blaze.
    The attacker babies would do less damage and hp but attack faster and move more quickly but guardians. Baby guardian should be able to use there eye but insted just use spikes and baby enderman should only attack after there parent is dead. For the non attacker babies creepers would fallow parents but run away when parent about to explode, ghast would have many little babies and fly near lava maybe some on the ghast, and blaze would instead shoot a close range sticky half block of orange substance that makes players stay where they are for about 5 seconds.

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    weird but cute

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    Escarapelo commented
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    I love it! And baby creepers should make the charge Creeper explotion.