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Nautilus Mob


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    That's what I was thinking too.  Nautilus also use water propulsion to move underwater in real life, so when the player attacks one, the mob could blast a stream that pushes them apart.

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    IT Also gives a food but only for ocean creatures like sharks or whatever

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    With the addition of the shell, there needs to be a mob it drops from!  I think the Nautilus mob is almost destined to be added.  It would be so unique for the ocean biomes!


    If the only place the shells come from is the Drowned, then that means the evidence points to the Drowned having killed all of the Nautilus.  Those are very very bad Downed.


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    Cool idea… but still not sure…

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    TravelByTrain commented

    I proposed the same thing (at the time I post this comment their still reviewing it for posting), but with different spawning and activity. IRL nautiluses spawn in deep water and come up at night to hunt, so they could spawn in underwater ravines (to avoid being immediately slaughtered and difficult to farm they would be immune to bubble columns) and come out at night to hunt fish. They would be hunted by drowned, and, similarly to skulkers, when repeatedly attacked would slip inside their shell and be immune to projectiles and gain additional armor points.

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    i like this idea, it would be a lot better than just getting the shells from the drowned

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    CorePaladin commented

    Possibly make the nautilus a very rare inkless, shelled, squid variant, as they are both mollusks. Having them spawn in ocean ravines immune to bubble columns is a nice idea.

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    Dinorauria commented

    Exactly! They should be an odd mob that spawns very scarcely, but more reliably in areas where they naturally would live. Albeit I feel they should spawn in underwater caves as the real life Nautilus is a pelagic zone dweller.

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    It only makes sense to add a nautilus mob if they already added a nautilus shell