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Particle command change. add direction


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    Hubiug commented
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    I think it's more usefull like that /particle <name> <x, y, z> <x2, y2, z2> <direction> <speed> <random motion> <count> [normal|force] [<viewers>] [<param>]

    direction: direction where particle go (like the players head orientation), ~ ~ to keep the entity who execute the command head orientation.

    random motion: motion aded to the particle, 0 to have the exacte direction.

    param: color (for note particle for exemple) or block (for block particle)


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    Alex Testria commented
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    This is already possible!

    Just summon an area_effect_cloud and teleport it in a loop

    summon area_effect_cloud
    execute as @e[type=area_effect_cloud] at @s run teleport ~ ~ ~ <PerspectiveX> <Perspective>
    execute as @e[type=area_effect_cloud] at @s run teleport ^ ^ ^0.2
    execute as @e[type=area_effect_cloud] at @s run particle smoke ~ ~ ~ 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.2 20 normal

    Now call this function 20 times per second.

    Now you've got a raycast!