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Minecraft.net and the feedback section of the website. Don't see your post? As people are automatically subscribed to threads they post, you should check your email that you log into this site with and your spam filter too, especially if you are posting a lot of ideas. Thank you!


(Feedback site) Rating system, and Quality Critiquers

under review


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    All I did was update the topic line and read the entire post here so it'd be easy to tell from the team at a glance if we're talking about the over all minecraft.net site, the bug site, or this one.

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    Yes, these ideas sound good. Funnily enough, I just submitted another post jointly with ClayGoddessSari that tries to address the same problems you do, and some of our ideas even overlap. You should take a look at them :)

    I hope Nova and team take these ideas into consideration.