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    Mc Rat commented

    I saw someone suggested a new Illager mob called the Poacher. If they were to add elephants maybe they could add the poachers as well.

    Would raise awareness for the irl poaching issue.

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    Mania NATION commented

    The best idea I've heard in a while. Also, I WANT TO SEE SOME BABY ELEPHANTS RIGHT NOW! They should be funny, happy and playful with players and other mobs; but their parents will try to attack you if you get to close or harm the babies. If the whole family is tame, then they won't attack and will instead be friendly. They should also attack hostile mobs to defend their babies, and if the player keeps their babies safe alongside them (showing them that you care for them), they will give you a BIG Elephant thank-you. It would also be great to ride Elephants when tamed. If that was added, it would be a great, friendly addition to the game and be the BEST UPDATE EVER

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    Ducky45712 commented

    I would love to see elephants.

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    Some Animal commented

    I love this idea... perhaps Elephants should drop Ivory tusks. These would be the only thing that the 'Poachers' want, however, ivory could also be obtained by right clicking the elephant's tusk with a Diamond hoe or Axe. This will allow players to obtain those items without violence. And maybe the Elephants could only be tamed by killing a 'Poacher' illager near them. Once you do tame them, you could decorate them with carpet. In real life, Elephants knock down tree to get the leaves, as well as tearing leaves from trees to eat. To make sure that savannas aren't stripped of trees, they would plant a sapling in its place. So, they could become wood farms, adding much more uses. They should spawn in savanna and jungle biomes, African and Indian elephants respectively. As Elephants are extremely intelligent, this would make sense to give them more complex behaviors. When an elephant is angered, it can enter charge mode, where it can break most weaker blocks. (Cobblestone, wood, leaves, glass).

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    Maybe if they add laying on the floor, he could step on you while you're laying

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    How about feeding them with sugar, cake, hay bales and wheat?

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    TravelByTrain commented

    They need to add this. They need to balance out donkeys.

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    Truth Tree commented

    Yes, but 4 player rideable and with a double chest on its back, maybe remove the animation of it removing leaves from trees though and the picking up logs, I feel like that would be too different for the game. I would also suggest that itsl does have drops such as ivory, but with heavy consequences, such as nearby villages refusing to trade, however "illeger traders" would trade with you and have a 70% chance of then killing you. Also nearby elephants would jot allow you to tame them if when you kill an Elephant. I think the Elephants should definetly be tameable and have 4 riders tho.

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    StevenAvin commented

    Is that better if elephant do drop nothing(even exp), won't be tamed (riding it too) and just make the elephant much like bat, they just live peace in savana, if u attack or close up for too long they will attack u by knocking up? (Just to save real live elephant!) [sorry for bad English]

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    snydergwendo commented

    How about giving elephants the ability to carry 36 stacks?

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    noblefinale commented

    From reddit:


    Concept Art Here

    Health: 60 (❤️ × 30) | Attack Strength: Easy - 4 ❤️ × 2), Normal - 8 (❤️ × 4), Hard - 12 (❤️ × 6) | Spawn: Savanna

    Drops: Acacia Sapling (0–1) | Experience: 0


    • Neutral, spawn in herds of 2-5, 5% chance to spawn as baby, not breedable
    • Passive babies, adults attack if baby is struck
    • Substantial attack reach w/ trunk
    • Immune to non-enchant Knockback
    • Slow but surprisingly quick when aggravated
    • Players can use wheat, apples, haybales to heal and get them to follow
    • Not lead-able

    Key Features:

    • Can instantly destroy naturally-generated trees w/ 1x1 trunk footprint (ex. not 2x2 jungle trees); wood is dropped, leaves vanish, collects any saplings
    • Must plant a sapling w/ trunk (default acacia if none in inventory) before destroying another tree (to prevent deforestation)
    • Not tamable or rideable; babies can be befriended w/ golden apple
    • Befriended elephants give "Elephant's Strength" buff - combo of Resistance and Haste when nearby and using an axe
    • All elephants in a herd follow a leader (matriarch); leader is randomly selected within herd

    Counter-points to common requests for elephants:

    • Elephants are not domesticated animals and should not "work" for the player as pets
    • Riding elephants is not ethical; elephants are sapient like dolphins
    • No ivory or leather drops - should not encourage or incentivize elephant killing in-game or IRL; best idea is to stay clear of ivory entirely
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    red blacky commented

    Best idea ever but if they weren’t tamed couldn’t they kill you? 

    P.S elephants are my favourite animals 

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    Ftl Nazim commented

    It would be cool if 4 people could ride one adult elephant. Elephants could also have chests like llamas but more. So one adult elephant could have three big chests: two on sides one on butt. And the person that sits in the back would face the back.

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    Eric Ranzan commented

    How about 2 diffrent variants there is a Savannah/African Elephant and Jungle or Forest /Asian Elephant

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    Maybe you could tame him by defeating poachers which would be the equivalent to a pillager raid. You could then earn the herd’s trust plus ride them by combining two saddles to make an elephant mount. Or you can find it in savana villages

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    THis would be sooo cool I hope you can tame them

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    Mc Rat commented

    I think they could make Mammoths instead of Elephants if they don't want people riding actual elephants

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    Truth Tree commented

    I think most people would love the ability to ride the elephants. Someone previously suggested unrideable mammoths which I think defeats the purpose of this whole chain. We should be sure to research how all elephants have been used in society throughout history and have that applied to this minecraft addition

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    Elephants would be a cool idea and tbh i think they should also be able to be fed Melon blocks, and i like the idea of them being a new mount since all we have are Horse's and Donkey's


    heck i'd be down for a rare Mammoth variant that spawn's in the Tundra biome since Woolly Mammoths are related to Elephants

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    Eric Ranzan commented

    If they add poachers when you kill a group of them you get hero of the animals or something and when you go to a village it will give you a very slight discount