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(Minecraft.net suggestion) Making Servers Easier To Create


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    brunocarlos65 commented
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    Eu nao consigo pega a raposa e a versao ta 11.1.4 da pra muda para 1. 14



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    Naya Zadeh commented
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    Omg servers really need to be easier to make i had such a hard time explaining to my friend over the phone on how to make one

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    Sure there could, and maybe should be a very beginner friendly video, on how to install a server, on the wepsite.

    But at the same time, I kinda thinks that if you can't figure out, how to install a server (with all those tutorials on youtube), you probbaly shouldn't do it in the first place.


    I do think that the part with portforwarding should be changed. I could imagine that is where most people gets stuck.