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/gamerule setExplosionDestruction <true/false>

under review


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    I agree this would also better control over what forms of destruction ship still letting the explode but not break things and other such things. 

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    CocoEnBuisson commented

    I totally agree, I really want this order in the game. I wrote some articles about Reddit ... about a command like this one. In addition the consoles have this kind of protection already implemented.

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    Use the TNT Explodes gamerule.


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    Tom19993 commented

    Agreed. While it makes sense that TNT is separate from "MobGriefing" (Since TNT isn't a form of mob griefing), a command to disable destructive things covered by MobGriefing while allowing for others would be great.


    Alternatively to the above idea, even just allowing a little more into the command. For example, doing /gamerule MobGriefing Creeper false to disable only the Creeper portion of MobGriefing. Doing this could allow people to enjoy villagers who can farm and snow golems who leave a trail, while negating the destruction caused by Creepers and Ghasts, and to a lesser extent Endermen.


    The Java edition does have options (Using a repeating command block to spam a command causing creepers to lose their radius, giving endermen the extended end of a piston, etc) involving the NBT data and /data command, in Bedrock the only way to deal with it is to teleport all "trouble mobs" into the void. This essentially removes gunpowder and ghast tears from the game though, as well as Ender Pearls if you applied it to Endermen too.

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    leondsl commented

    I was going to post exactly this but found your post before! Exactly as you wrote. Explosions and other mobgriefing have to be separated. (My situation: I have a mobfarm with Creepers, and at the same time have villagers whou should harvest crops. Not possible with current mobGriefing. It s the only command I occasionally use.)

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    Mousey Bit commented

    I'm honestly just tired of having to fix builds other people blow up and I'm not willing to give up my autofarms for it. A command like this is long overdue. I would regularly just use command blocks but Bedrock has to work differently I guess

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    Karaxis Jham commented

    And God spoke.

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    Eggeronis67 commented

    Or it could be added at the end of the /gamerule command, as well as other forms (e.g. /gamerule mobgriefing setexplosiondestruction false), so that you can have endermen not steal blocks (/gamerule mobgriefing endermanstealing false) and your sheep will still eat grass to regrow their wool. You can disable other types of mobgriefing Sheepeating, and Villagerfarming, too.

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    I've been wishing for this for years. This shouldn't be difficult to implement either, all of the functionality can already be toggled anyway. it would just be a matter of separating the different cases. Mobgriefing set to false also breaks drowned farms by the way.

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    Cooleman2007 commented

    there is already a setting on java to disable tnt, please add the tag: (java) to the title