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    JurscBeaver commented

    Cool idea. Include a radius argument and coordinate option so you can suspend entities and players between gravity bubbles.

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    CRYSTALCHILD23 commented


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    CatMaster8232 I guess commented

    We really need this!

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    Zachary Strickland commented

    If you fell all the way without trying to catch yourself, you would eventually hit the world border, but it does sound awesome.

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    Daniel Headley commented

    Hmm... sand, gravel, concrete powder, anvils, TNT, dragon eggs, and so on don't originally start as entities.  How would this be fixed?  This could offer gravity to specified blocks without having to set up commands to delete blocks and spawn falling blocks at the same time.

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    sastofficial commented

    Nice we need to have it

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    redstonebuurvos commented

    THIS is the best idee ever!

    I like to use command blocks and I use them a lot in map making and this looks like it has a great potential

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    CharlieGregg commented

    What about

    /grav x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 x3 y3 z3

    X1 y1 z1 direction and force like 0 -1 0 is normal but you can change it to be diagonal with 0 -1 -1 or twice as strong with 0 -2 0 or 0-grav with 0 0 0 or low grav with 0 -0.5 0.

    X2 y2 z2 and x3 y3 z3 are the first and second selection points if you leave them blank it applies to the whole world or if you state an area then it only changes it in that area.


    This might be a bit weird because you may have to change the direction of the players body to make a walk walking trick or mabye you always face upright. I personally think these ideas are a really good idea but I know (as a programmer myself that this is a challenging idea but i believe mojang are good programmers so i say if you're gonna do it GOOD LUCK!


    I will be posting this as an idea myself but i will give you credit for the idea thanks!


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    gambacraft commented

    This needs to implemented. Space buildings and maps would be a lot better

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    Eric Bambrick commented

    when your sideways would blocks you place (doors, banners ,chests etc) be sideways?

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