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Cow, pig, chicken variations (was: New Animal Variations)

under review


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    Skyswinger330 commented

    There are almost 20 different colors for the horse alone, and the chickens are still nothing but white. There are plenty of colors for chickens, cows, and even pigs that could be translated from real life into minecraft.

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    I do say this is an excellent idea but something i think would be great if they had a bear spawn egg so as announced at mine con earth 2018 the pandas and polar bears could be   in one spawn egg with new bear types

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    Kylie W commented

    I think it would be neat if animals had biome-based variants! Like cows in cold biomes would turn into highlanders, and pigs in cold biomes would turn into boars, with fur and tusks and stuff.

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    BenOnPE commented

    /perm ban EmmaKate01

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    LLegend 070 commented

    I like this idea

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    IconicClub61 commented


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    CrankySword77 commented

    I agree, Jappa will do good work !

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    They also need to buff pigs so they aren’t useless

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    I'd love to see Cows, Chickens and Pigs given the same treatment as some of the newer mobs and receive more skin varieties.  These mobs are so common in the game world that it's pretty strange they're some of the few passive mobs to not have any variety.  It's even more glaringly obvious when these mobs are pillars of farming/breeding and players end up with pens full of identical cows, chickens and pigs.  However even some of the much more obscure mobs like Parrots have several skins.

    Minecraft is all about creating beautiful, colorful and diverse environments.  A simple update to these mobs skins would go a long way to achieving all of that.

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    Spacewalker I commented

    Yes, and also sheep variants for the skin tone. There could be tan sheep and black sheep.

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    YES!! SO MUCH YES!! Livestock is such an integral part of the game I feel, and so many players take the time and energy to build structures, breed animals, grow food. Large parts of the game is centred around livestock, and quite frankly it seems almost lazy or clumsy when your looking out over a huge field with nothing but identical animals. 

    It would not only help the immersion but overall add a new aspect to the game. 

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    Max B. commented

    We might actually get this? Idk, if some of the features revealed for Minecraft Earth are actually coming over, then there’s mobs like the Cluckshroom, Moobloom, and Muddy Pig