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Placeable chicken egg


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    This is a really good idea. They can’t just have turtles be the only mob with place able eggs while chicken eggs have to be thrown.

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    Leonardo Diaz commented
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    Yes, I always wanted this, and it is just weird that chicken eggs are itens, and you find them hovering over the floor. I also made a post suggesting that they should be edible.

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    Yes. When chickens are bred they can produce 2 eggs (which would be placed as a block and stacked like turtle eggs).

    A single chicken can still lay an egg, and it will become a baby chicken in 20 minutes, while bred chicken eggs only take 5 minutes.

    Chicken eggs should be under threat just like turtle eggs.

    Also, the player can right click a chicken egg block to take an egg, as well as place eggs down (which will take 40 minutes to hatch), and throw eggs (with a 10% chance of getting a chicken).

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    MrD1085277 commented
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    Yes, breeding chickens should work just like breeding turtles.

    Chickens could lay block eggs naturally, but these would be unfertilized eggs, so they wouldn't hatch (except for the 10% chance on throwing).
    Only the eggs resulting from breeding could hatch.