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A Biome Locate Command



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    Or add it to the current locate command.

    /locate biome <biome>

    I do really like this idea.  It wouldn't be used much by the normal player, but the same could be said of the rest of the things that can be found using the /locate command.

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    MCjossic commented
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    I love this idea but i would instead make a variant to the "/locate" command instead! For example:

    /locate structure <structure name>

    /locate biome <biome name>

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    mlz03 commented
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    I was just about to make this same suggestion! It's a great idea that needs to be in Minecraft!

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    We really need this as an extension of the /locate command. I think there should also be a player variant as well.

    /locate biome <biome>

    /locate player <playername>

    /locate structure <structure>

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    Stereo Titan commented
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    Decent idea! I was about to post a suggestion like this! Very useful when you are creating a map with a biome theme!

    And My Idea was like this by extension:
    /locate biome (biome) (variant) 

    It also has the biome variant

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    This is great! I had the same Idea. Can you put this under the 'Biomes and Dimesions' tab too?

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    JovetNE commented
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    Absolutely.  /locate biome <biome> should be a thing. 

    And it should be easier to use than most of the crazy commands come up with the past few years.  It should be able to be used simply to locate any biome or any of its variants, OR, to locate an exact biome variant.

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    David Kleiner commented
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    This absolutely needs to be in the 1.14 update. It'll be extremely useful! Definitely gets a vote from me!

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    I Really like this idea. It should really be put into Minecraft because it would be SO much more helpful!

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    SuperMinerHL commented
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    hey with the pc edition you can use buffet or what ever and set the biome. but I am not against that idea.

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    KopperXP commented
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    I certainly agree with the idea and approve the syntax of the command presented by: ElectricDuskXX

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    ReAtornado commented
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    Мне нравится эта идея ! Я тоже сталкивался с такой проблемой , когда процесс поиска мне не был нужен , а нужен именно только биом , а сид искать не охота или нужно именно в определённом мире , команда , по типу :
    /locate biome forest
    Была бы ой-как кстати ...
    Или /biomelocate
    Или /blocate
    Или /locate b_
    Или хотя бы подобное /locate tp ~ 90 ~ minecraft:biome
    Короче говоря , такая команда очень нужна нисколько обычным игрокам , сколько создателям серверов и строителей карт .

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    SolarWave013 commented
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    Verdade e os sites do minecraft para encontrar biomas não estão mais funcionando no minecraft

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    Yeah, but it can be added as an extension to the /locate command

    like: /locate <biome> 

    and it can be added to the /tp command as well, like: /tp @s biome <biome>


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    This could be of help to anyone attempting to create a roleplay series on Youtuber or sever, so i think it's a good idea.


    Also if used in a single biome world, [just [insert biome] I think that be a bit funny

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    So people are talking about /locate variants and:


    /locate biome <biome>

    returns the center coordinate of the biome.

    ex. /locate biome mushroom_fields returns 62362 ~ -13764


    /locate structure <structure>

    works as /locate does currently

    ex. /locate structure Village returns 102 ~ -944


    /locate player <username>

    returns an error (player not found) or coordinates of the player accompanied with the biome.

    ex. /locate player RandomPlayer returns 0 65 0 in Nether


    /locate entity <entity>

    returns an error (no entities found) or coordinates of the nearest entity that fits the selector. You can also use UUIDs in the command. You must limit your @e selector to 1.

    ex. /locate entity @e[type=horse,limit=1] returns Horse at -80 ~ 67


    /locate block <type of block>

    returns the coordinates of the nearest block specified.

    ex. /locate block diamond_ore returns -65, 11, 13


    Also, I think /locate structure should follow a more file-oriented format, like this: /locate structure minecraft:village instead of this: /locate structure Village

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    Ryan Garrett commented
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    I hope this is in 1.15 because it is labeled as under review

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    Its like tp (teleport) but best?


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    JaydenHax1614 commented
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    Yes. I have yet to find a Bamboo Forest Biome so this would be great because then I would be able to find one without spending a half hour flying around my world.

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    Hyland Welch commented
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    I can't tell you how much time that would save me!

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    realendy0 commented
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    Great Idea! I was about to write the same suggestion but you appeared on "similar posts"!

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    Purrfly5 commented
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    It could be just /locate with all the biomes added, for example /Locate Bamboo_jungle

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    Ojalá sea posible la idea esta épica y sería mejor que fuera para todas las plataformas

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    natejb2003 commented
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    Maybe change the current /locate command to be 

    /locate structure <structureName> - to locate structures, just like you can at the moment

    /locate biome <biomeName> - to locate biomes

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    Alan Wolfe commented
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    I agree.  Mesas are my favorite biome, and I have not seen one since my last world on my Mac, which hasn't had Minecraft since at most a week after 1.8 came out.  I haven't seen one since.  I guess another option would be to balance the spawn rates of biomes, particularly oceans and their variants.  I have noticed that there are an excessive number of taigas, extreme hills, ordinary forests, and oceans.  I would say that maybe a mesa for every 2-3 deserts, a mega taiga for every 2-3 normal taigas, and a mushroom isle for every 2-3 swamps.  Either way, a biome locator command would still be excellent.

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    Dylan Jones commented
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    /locate ("structure" | "biome") <structure OR biome> <varient(if biome)>

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    A great convenience for those who want to do creative experiments in specific biomes, or just want to find a biome to play with a new feature found there!

    I do agree that it should just be added to the current  /locate command.

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    TurboEnemy77 commented
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    I like to build and this would be so helpful for so many of the builds I would like to do

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    I fully support this!
    The / biomlocate command should be! (Полностью это поддерживаю!
    Команда /biomlocate должна быть!)

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    Stever Plays commented
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    I was just about to post this. They either need to add this command or differentiate between types of temples. Finding a jungle is impossible even is creative.