We know you like redstone, but how can we make redstone better?


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    Matejmraz commented

    this is very OP... redstone is complicated sure but that is great on it! but cool idea

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    Auldrick commented

    The point of excluding OP things isn't to make the game more tedious, it's to force the player to solve the problems the designers gave them and learn by doing so. Learning to use this block will not be easy. Designing something novel with it will be even harder. Nobody is going to be able to do anything OP with it before they've learned all the redstone basics like timing and power levels and Boolean logic. Once they've done that, does it really make sense to force them to construct a mnemonic memory circuit using stone knives and bearskins? (Star Trek:TOS reference) Isn't it better to give them a new, more difficult challenge to learn from instead?

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    NATO P0TAT0 commented

    could even have a couple tiers to it

    like you can use a repeater and a comparator to craft a block that is kinda like a repeater but it lets you set a number from 1-15 and as long as it's input isn't off/0 it will output that set signal strength, this block type would essentially work as a converter with all inputs set to the same number (except for 0) and would already be pretty useful just by itself.

    then you could craft a converter by using 2-3 of those.

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