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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Caves Update

under review


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    Get Some 0321 commented

    I thank there should be an update were pigmen trader villages should spawn In the nether and add gemstones back for pigmen traders!

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    My dad loves caves and mining and him and I wish that the game had a cave update please.

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    Maybe they can add more ores so we can craft tools and armour that are better than diamond because when you get full diamond gear your basically done with what you have to do in the game. So I say they add more Ores!!

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    ThePlayerX12 commented

    Bluestone would be nice too

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    I love the idea of cave minibiomes! I would love coming across some kind of ice-minibiome or a sandy minibiome, or something like those!

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    Honestly, I think Minecraft really needed a cave update. it lacks tools and the game sort of fell apart in 2017 because of one thing. The environment. The aquatic and pillage update added so much detail to the surroundings and added life to Minecraft. Caves though, seem quite dull and could use a hand. If we add new ores with the cave update, we could branch off to other parts of Minecraft that s=could use updating. For example, combat. With ores, come new tools in the game and a lot more variety.

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    My ideas:

    1. New ores like copper and tin which could add more variety and could be combined with iron to make steel and bronze which could be used for more weapons.

    2. I think that underground structures might be good because there could be outposts and varients of dunegons.

    3. Underground biomes like a mushroom biome(kind of like Terraria), a lava caves biome, an ice cave, and large open areas like a small nether.

    4. For the Nether, I still think biomes would be cool.

    5. Craters would be cool because it would be like a large cave opening.

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    Nizar Nwesser commented

    i think an update to mineshafts would be interesting :

    -skeletons spawnned in a mineshaft will have a chance of spawning as trapped miners :

    they spawn in packs of 2 - 5 they will be wearing a miners clothes and miners helmets and carrying pickaxes instead of bows (iron tier atleast )   .. when killed  they have a chance of dropping an Old miner helmet which needs fixing

    fixing the helmet is by combining the miner helmet with any type of helmets by anvils (or maybe the smithing table )

    the miner helmet can also be equipped with a lantern which will emit light level of 12 round the player (or at least in front of him )  however the light will not be permanent the lantern should go off after a given amount of time and the lantern would have to be replaced (maybe it should have the same time as elytra)

    the miner helmet can not be worn unless fixed 

    the enchantments for regular helmets can be used on the miners helmets

    unbreaking can make the light emitting feature of the helmet go longer 

    mending can only fix the helmet durability not the ability of light emitting 

    the ability of light emitting can only be fixed by adding new lanterns to the old one (the xp cost will not get higher since it does not increase the durability )

    the miners helmet durability and damage absorption ability is according the tier used(the the first time ) to fix it ( leather, iron , gold , turtle shell or diamond )

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    Tatskanen commented

    If there was a cave update it also needs a new cave boss!

    It could spawn in a rare underground structure.

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    kookooloop commented

    also maybe creeper variants??


    like one creeper dropping ores rather than gunpowder?? rarity would also depend on ore rarity in the biome you're in

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    A new ore for caves could also be a good new addition

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    Darci Haynes commented

    overall, anything to make caves more wondrous place of exploration rather than a place to acquire stone, iron, gold, redstone, lapis and diamonds. 

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    Blast Burner commented

    1.14 actually won't be the Cave Update confirmed. :(

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    I agree a cave update should happen.

    add some gems maybe some cave mobs that spawn only in specific cave biomes?

    new variants to mineshafts and maybe do something with the dungeons that you find making them harder and less like a little square in the ground with some chest and a single monster spawner and more like an actual dungeon.

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    kewchee commented

    Rise up gamers #make1.15thecaveupdate

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    Like drowned but if a zombie goes in a cave it becomes a cave zombie


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    Mystiksprial commented

    You could add more ores like maybe titanium or rubies

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    Rare crystal caves with a new rare ore would be cool

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    Wizardyguy commented

    I would love to see some more things underground, but I, unlike many others, actually don't want new blocks or minerals. Just new structures to explore, and if it feels too empty, maybe a cave-dwelling Villager variation or a new underground-only mob. Although I do understand that it would be hard to work other algorithms around it, like you presumably had to do to make sure things like underwater ruins didn't overlap with other underwater structures.

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    CaptainCam22z commented

    we need something done about this

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    Mojang, Microsoft, please. This has been the Minecraft subject that has never had any change but demands the most change. When we get a good underground, which is thrilling, exciting, scary and unpredictable, half of the game's purpose has been updated (MINEcraft, huh). More variants in cave generation, creepy mobs, a deeper underground, interestong ruins, and I could go on and on and on. I don't care if this comment won't make a difference but I think it is my duty and purpose to try and convince anyone with any power over the game to read this and understand that everyone wants it. Amazingness underground!

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    Yes. Caves should have biomes. Mojang should put a LARGE amount of effort into making some proper cave biomes.

    Each cave biome should have unique amounts of different materials and ores, unique shapes for material/ore structures/veins, unique structures/rules for structures, and unique mob spawning/mobs.

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    kodakohl commented

    I’d also love new ores for new types of utility blocks or make like the tinker’s construct mod in the vanilla game

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    TheitsthebigA commented

    Maybe Jungles can have exclusive caves that could resemble caves where people go cave diving in real life

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    We need caverns.

    Cavern are enormous caves that have stalactites and stalagmites in them

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    Frostfur Meow commented

    Thinking we should have more underground structures in Minecraft, both in Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. The common ones are dungeons and mineshafts. Almost never do Minecrafters spend time away from sunlight all because there is little reward in the stone under the world. Consumers generally get very excited when new structures are added to the game. The Nether is quite barren with the same landscape again and again and the occasional stronghold every 800 or so blocks. A totally new nether mob could be the thing...

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    Ryan Garrett commented

    it has been forever since mine shafts were added into the game. were need a cave update. also ibxtoycat want one two

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    BitSpade4 commented

    Okay, look, this feature has more votes than anything else on the list, come on guys it isn't cool how you've announced brown mooshrooms and not a cave update.

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    FireOfPassion commented

    Maybe a new "marble" block that, just like andisite, granite, and diorite you can polish

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    burtpenguin29 commented

    Yeah totally but it’s not coming in 1.15 because mojang doesn’t care about their game’s community 

    and their game. Almost every thing I post NEVER gets looked at by them. Try to repost this everyone 

    cave update for 1.15! Let’s change their minds!