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Caves Update

under review


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    Iazon Paragon commented

    I agree, a great cave update could reinvigorate the 'Mine' part of 'Minecraft'!

    One idea I have to really intensify the cave update is to update spiders at the same time:

    Make a 'Mother Spider' boss lair as a feature that can spawn as a new cave biome in addition to the regular one. Allow cave spiders to spawn naturally in these new spider lair cave biomes along with regular spiders and new baby spiders.

    Make spiders actually turn sideways when they climb walls.

    Make cave spiders also able to climb upside-down on ceilings (since they're smaller and presumably lighter than regular spiders).

    Make spiders able to jump down at players from their climbing position on a wall, web, or ceiling, even through climbable blocks. (currently they catch themselves and climb down slowly, but they should be able to ignore the climbing state of blocks in their way if they *want* to drop down.

    Allow Big spiders to spit out cobweb blocks at you to try and slow you down.

    Have spiders place string vertically, by shooting it straight up at a block above them. All vertically placed string should be climbable by spiders and players like ladders, but string should hang by themselves in midair as long as the top string in a line is touching a block, not unlike vines from jungle/swamp trees.

    The mother boss spider should capture everything that comes to her lair: monsters, players, everything except other spiders. When I say capture, I mean she should drop down on them, spin them around while wrapping them in a cocoon, then pull them up to stick them on the ceiling.

    Her bite should cause paralysis, but when a creature is cocooned, they should still be alive, and if the cocoon is broken, they are able to walk and act like normal. Monsters should try to run from the queen spider, but never fight back. Even dogs should not attack the queen, because she does not hurt the player, only causes paralysis.

    I think a caving update is the perfect time to update the Spiders, and I think we need some great reasons to fear arthropods so people will want to start using the bane of arthropods enchantment.

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    mansNotHat666 commented

    an item that glows the closer you get to certain ores (like diamonds) that can only be obtained by going through a new underground structure like a larger dungeon

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    Cave Update commented

    I think the nether should have rubies strong as a tool but weak as armour or maybe have just ironish power but really good durability 

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    T3T0RCAS1 commented

    Me gusta la idea de nuevos monstruos generados solo en cuevas, tal ves con poderes o habilidades propias qué solo atacar. Así como el fantasma estaría increíble, tal ves como los delfines, que por un premio o soborno,; te lleve a tesoros escondidos. Pero que si lo atacas o molestas se enoje y te agreda o te aga algo como molestarte, romperte las antorchas, algo similar..
    Otra cosa que estaría increíble sería qué añadieran = gas = tal ves como el "grisu"ya qué minecraft no tiene algo como el gas, tal ves la mecánica de respiracion bajo el agua, donde tengamos algunos escasos segundos de contención de aire, lo que después nos dañara gradualmente; estaría muy increíble,, se podría identificar con alguna niebla particular pero visible dentro de ella, y que este cercas de yacimientos grandes de carbón o el mismo hierro y que solo se extinga si minamos todos los bloques. Aunque como propio del gas, antes mencionado, si aplicamos una antorcha este explotará levemente, nuestra mejor opción sería colocar las lámparas de metal.... Para evitar que explotará. Eses mi idea espero sea leída

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    FewLandogamer commented

    Maybe villages in caves? Luminescent mushrooms? It would be nice, wouldn't it?

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    I need a cave update!

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    A thing that I really like on Minecraft are caves. And I like them even more on Terraria, because they are rich and you rarely get bored with digging down deep. When you dig massive holes on Terraria, you found many caves below you before getting to the underworld.

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    CraftingAn00b commented

    The one thing I dont agree is the mobs

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    Ian Roach commented

    I think new metals like copper and bronze for early in game armor/weapons. Mineshaft revamps, new hard and soft metals, gems, cave features, more or better looking stone variants, etc. Also narrow caverns with intercepting water pools.

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    I'd like to see a cave update. How about adding some bio-luminescent blocks to the caves as well? 

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    princeofgeno commented

    For the cave update, there should be cave mining helmets, and then mobs like zombies maybe skeleton wear them and have chances of dropping them

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    Blake Mattson commented

    Could the Bedrock players get the Item Fram ability only accessable for java players?

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    This update will not only be a great and fun update but it would also be the gateway for so many new updates.

    Imagine mining then suddenly you stumble into a big glowing crystal cavern.

    add traps.

    add underground structures.

    be more like terraria.

    after that i do believe that minecraft would be the greatest game ever made.

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    SpinyDogo123 commented

    How about some new ores too I’m tired of getting diamond and then being “oh looks like I have the most powerful ore in the game time to start doing random stuff” because there should be something else like redatone that you go back into the mines many times for but it obviously shouldn’t be electricity and stuff

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    Abc18439 commented

    New ore

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    pokeballism53 commented

    Please add more depth, rather then 50 deep make it 175 blocks deep. Make Gold, Iron, diamond rarer and put more in-between ores. Also buff diamond and make rock harder to dig further down, you know, make endgame ore more endgame? Add like titanium, slightly better then Iron but insane durability. Ruby, between titanium and Iron but it can get enchantments perviously impossible, like efficiency VII? I always thought you could make a staircase down, stripmine and get endgame ore. It shouldn't be like that imo. 


    Also add some minibosses, underground biomes, replace bedrock with something destroyable. Have the void be like an abyss, with a rlly powerful ore, which is guarded by stronger monsters, only hurtabke with things with a certain enchantment. 


    Ps. You should look at some things in terraria, not copy, but look. They really got the cave thing perfect.


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    I agree

    I think they should add underground villages as well or add a undead town underground where zombies and skeletons have their own house and if you find a chest in a zombie house it'll be an enchanted shovel or axe and if you find a chest in a skeleton house it'll be an enchanted bow or special arrows.

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    MrPL5 commented

    I'd love to see little bioms.
    I have played terraria for 2 years and their cave system is fantasic. I  want such experience in minecraft too. 

    I'd love to see move open spaces, structures spawning in them. By structures I mean abandoned houses which have chest, crafting station and some decorations in them. Rare caves with one or two ores spawning all over it.

    We need new unique stuff, diamons are now common material, found in the buried tressures or other structures. Caves must have something to offer, there is no reson to go to them if you already have some coal and iron.

    Caves should have more details, new blocks that could light up walls.

    New ores, bars, stuff to trade, armours, weopons maybe?

    I could add more stuff but there is guy who mentioned it all: AquaBuzzardHR.

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    What I want to see in a cave update is to add more of an adventure-like feel to caves, and not just a I-must-to-do-this-to-get-cool-stuff feel.

    And alongside making it beautiful of course.

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    nanoVGE commented

    more tiles the amount of current tiles is boring i think we need more of them. before in beta the caves used to be very random and i liked that. if not more randomness then more tiles 

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    I think this is a great idea! Here are a few of my suggestions:
    - Villager Mineshafts. Basically mineshafts that don't look run down and are inhabited by villagers.

    - Mining helmets. Basically an object you wear in your helmet slot that provides light a small block distance away from you. As a downside, they could have it where mobs are attracted to the moving light. Crafted using a lantern.

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    DavidG185 commented

    Hm... new ores, new mobs, possibly biome related caves. Yeap, we need a Cave Update!

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    asdfgh191 commented

    Yes but they should make better ores than diamonds, this is because I can easily get diamonds in the first 30 minutes of me playing, maybe they should make a new ore like titianium or palladium maybe cobalt or ruby, or even amethyst, topaz, sapphire, and steel. Any of these sound really cool, and they maybe could add a better ore to the end so we have more to do after we beat the Ender dragon and get stacks of diamond blocks. Speaking of the end, we could possibly have end caves and they would have really good stuff in them, or even end villages.

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    With some biomes having their own charateristic ore,like the mountains havind the emeralds and the badlands with the gold

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    Chef Gino commented

    Yes we all would appreciate some diversity in caves.

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    Add cave formations like stalactites and stalagmites, as well as more complicated crystalline and calcite structures. Could be generated with some kind of new "calcite" block, maybe similar to quartz.

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    1. 1-4 villagers with new skins. They could have pickaxes (Gold, iron, stone, or a new kind.) If you steal from them (Mostly gold, iron, stone, but in some rare cases diamonds, obsidian, emeralds, and new kinds of ores) they will attack you.
    2. It could introduce new ores like pyrite, copper, or platinum and they could add minerals (these would be used for trades with the underground villagers)
    3. The closer you are to 15z the more minerals you find.
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    MysteryManV1 commented

    Cave spiders

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    SwampyDog22 commented

    What about some naturally generating structures in caves? Maybe even some NPCs like a lost miner? I would love for caves to be more diverse and every one being a bit different.

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    yoop gim commented

    giant crystals and alsocrystals and stalag(m/t)ites grow also crystals will grow in paterns that mach how it grows in real life and for fictional gems you chose