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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Caves Update

under review


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    prabhat singh commented

    it can be a good update considiring its half of the games name

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    Shaiel Lopez commented

    I think the cave update will have different blocks and when you go to deep i think have many different ores.

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    chu8chu commented

    cave Update now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    -ice creepers
    New types of ores into types of tools

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    This needs to be a thing. Update after update, the underground is getting kinda boring now compared to the rest of the world, and mining keeps getting less and less necessary in Minecraft because there's a lot of sufficient loot on the surface.

    Now, I am definitely asking for a bit too much, but what if we had 3-D biomes and deeper worlds? The way chunks are handled right now may have to be completely redone if we went that route. We wouldn't want to have a bunch of 16x256x16 sized chunks getting loaded and unloaded rapidly as the player explores the surface.

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    Wwestrob1313 commented

    Bring back cave sounds

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    I'd love to see some new subterranean structures as well! Something between the current mob-spawner dungeons and the massive stronghold. 

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    HolyPastrami commented

    Maybe underground villages? They appear pretty much everywhere by now so yeah.

    Also Terraria style ropes. I mean the code for it is already there, just look at scaffolding. Just flip that code around and you can have ropes to literally lower down into a sparta hole type cave or a ravine.

    And how about we give mineshafts some love while were at it? They do seem rather bland nowadays. Perhaps instead of them just existing, they could have a kind of central hub that can occasionally be found on the surface, like, a big hole that goes down to the mineshafts.

    Caves should also be made to contain more resources. Honestly, when was the last time you found your first diamond in a world mining? With all the chests around nowadays, its easier to find them in the chests than it is to mine them out, and same thing goes for any resouce, really.

    Like, you could perhaps have a thing where resources are harder to find individiually, but instead spawn in bigger clusters. And maybe we should have more gems available to make stuff with, like a very rare gem only found near lava that has an inherent heat to it, so that when made into armor, it will light enemies on fire when they touch you, or lights anything on fire you hit when you make a tool or weapon out of it. That said, it should then also make materials like iron ore immeditately turn into ingots, though to make these not OP, they all get limits on enchantment, like maybe such a pickaxe cant be enchanted with fortune or something, though the reward would have to be big enough to make the tradeoff worth it.

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    Rather than creating entirely new blocks for stone variations (to help reduce inventory clutter) have stone change its tint and/or color depending in the biome like grass and water does.
    Also like a previous idea where you get a fog-like effect in certain area (lava cave being smokey) similar to when you're under swamp water.

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    I agree that Minecraft definitely needs a Cave Update.

    Here’s my list of ideas that could give players a new interest in what lies below the surface.

    My first idea, (and probably the most controversial one) would be to raise the block height limit. Compared to the length and width of a Minecraft world, it’s height is really quite small. Raising the block height limit to 512 and raising the generation of terrain accordingly (sea level would now be at y-126, diamonds would generate between y-15 and y-30 etc.) The reason for this is simple. It would open up the doors for new structures and cave systems that stretch twice the size of what they were before and make the world seem much more unexplored and mysterious.

    Next, I propose new types of caves. This is already a much requested feature and it makes sense, as it would diversify the underground world. Desert caves, ice caves, slime caves (a more defined version of a slime chunk, the walls could be covered in vines and maybe a new mossy stone?), giant caverns half-filled with water that stretch hundreds of blocks in either direction, crystal caves (crystals could be a rare blast-resistant light source?), spider caves found deep underground (*shiver*), coral caves in ocean biomes (could be filled with jellyfish and/or stonefish?), jungle caves (spawn near the surface and have logs generate within them to resemble giant tree roots), lava chambers, lava tubes, mushroom caves, limestone caves (limestone could be a new decorative block?)

    Now, to fill up this vast space and the caves within it, here is a list of ideas for generated structures that would draw people in with the promise of loot and adventure. Abandoned underground villages (similar to ocean ruins), more fossils (fossilized dragons?), dungeons (not the cobblestone boxes that exist today but sprawling abandoned underground complexes filled with loot and mobs), lost tombs containing the relics of a forgotten time, cave paintings (with pictures of mobs such as creepers or the Ender Dragon, just for fun), giant subterranean labyrinths and my favourite, Illager Undercities, vast stonebrick cities on stilts that generate in giant ocean caverns, populated with Evokers, Vindicators, Witches, Pillagers, Illusioners and maybe some new types of illagers, they could have such features as prisons holding villagers and iron golems that you can raid and rescue, arenas, keeps, stables for Ravagers and more, the possibilities here are endless!

    Another feature that would make players want to go caving would be new mobs that spawn exclusively underground, with their own unique drops and behaviors. What I think of immediately are mobs such as trolls (large slow creatures with a lot of health, and tough skin. They could drop large amounts of experience points and possibly an item used to brew resistance potions),  ice slimes, desert slimes, cave slimes (would inflict status effects such as slowness, weakness and mining fatigue respectively), Giant Cave Worms (mini bosses with acidic spit attacks that inflict nausea and/or a high level of poison), maybe a new neutral dwarf or gnome mob that you can trade with and of course, the Red Dragon (to me it seems like the perfect opportunity to add this mob as a boss that can only be found in certain underground structures.)

    Some other ideas: More ores; some of these, like rubies or amethyst could be found deeper underground than diamond, but give powerful buffs when placed in beacons, like absorption or level three strength. Other ores would be to give players a bit more of a step by step progression through Minecraft. Copper could be used to craft armour and weapons, being slightly better than leather and stone respectively. It could also be used for crafting redstone wires, (vertical redstone?) Tin could be used in making redstone-activated magnets that attract items to them (this would create some very interesting redstone contraptions) Bronze could be created when tin and copper are melted together in a new type of furnace (a crucible?) Bronze armour same value as chainmail while bronze weapons would only be slightly weaker than iron. Smelting high amounts of iron with charcoal could yield steel which when crafted into armour, would be like iron armour, but with twice as much durability and a natural knockback resistance. Steel weapons would also act like iron but have more durability and have certain armour penetration values. A crucible would also open the doors to smelting together new endgame ores coming from different dimensions, which I personally think is a great thing to explore. Besides ores, some other items of interest could be climbing gear: treasure items that when equipped (possibly in a new gauntlet slot?) allows you to scale vertical walls at the cost of it being slow and that you wouldn’t be able to attack while doing it, or more Totems like the Totem of Undying that you could find in certain underground structures.

    Note: I did not go into all of these ideas in-depth because this is a concept post to show what’s possible and what I think would best suit a Cave Update.

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    Yeah, glowing mushrooms would be a nice touch.

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    I want them to add the brick versions of andesite, granite, and diorite. As a builder of the Minecraft community I have always wanted more bricks. Limestone and limestone bricks should definitely be added as number 1 for a tannish color. Lots of opportunities for Minecraft.

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    tell all your friends to vote this get this to number one

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    SrBlackOps780 commented

    More gems that you could trade with villagers instead of emeralds

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    Daley Downing commented

    I agree with this.

    Something I would love to see for caves is possible mobs that only spawn in caves, new ores, different type of cave depending on location (The ice filled ones would be so cool!).

    You should also add a type of mineshaft where if you step in the wrong place, it triggers a collapse. 

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    McBean56545 commented

    This is something we need ASAP! More ores, (GUNPOWDER ORE, mythril ore, titanium ore, copper ore, lithium ore) mobs, (cave mooshrooms, dusty zombies, decaying skeletons, lava type mob, stone golems, cave dwelling villagers) and stone types would be great! I think stone should be layered with standard stone being the top layer, granite making up the second layer, then andesite, diorite, and basalt. Near the bedrock layer should be massive caves. 

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    Vicinus1 commented

    i'd like more types of dungeons, with more loot and more purposes to visit caves

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    Filsuff commented

    How about a new room like spawners but more creepier?

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    sKareKrow97 commented

    Please we need a cave update!!! And most importantly if you guys wanna please us like i really hope is your goal. please add in new ores please, specifically add copper!!!!!! It has so many uses and it could make new redstone wireing!!! The options are unlimited with copper as a new ore. new weaponds, new builds and just all around a new ore to look after while in caves!! Im an electrician so ik how importantly copper is needed on a daily basics!!! And your game is missig out on!! Please mojang add this ore please im bagging you we need a new ore we are long passed dew since emeralds. Like previously stated, copper could be used so so many "old builds" within the game and could be used for even more "new items added" as well. It dosnt have to just be used for redstone (TIP) theres many uses i feel it wouldn't be hard to add and wouldn't wast much time. Please cocider this option thank you!!

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    YTCG03YT commented

    We want to see more fun thing to explore on cave

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    jamiller01 commented

    I agree anything else would be silly

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    Maybe have moss on some blocks in a cave in the Jungle biome

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    GamerGeeked commented

    More ores! Ruby, Copper! Even Notch's idea of iron + coal = steel.

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    a new ore with a new function would be nice- I know rubies were the proposed 'currency' before

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    kingg00pa commented

    The best thing Mojang could do for caves is make caves worth exploring. Ores and chests can be found in many other places. Caves are really only good for finding dungeons, and that's about it. There should be some unique item or treasure that can only be found in caves. Also, make mob spawners mineable! What better way to celebrate finding a dungeon spawner than to bring it back to your base as a decoration?

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    Luke Devlin commented

    Also it will bee seems it it had new mobs!!!!!!!!!!

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    All right, out of all the things, add different types of ores, not necessarily like better then diamond, but witj different special effects, like idk, bronze, like slightly less defence then Iron but slightly increased speed, ores which pickaxe is better then diamond, and certain cave systems under biomes get different stuff.

    Most important imo, add harder types of stone! You need to pass a certain advancement or something, and then you gain the ability to gain deeper and gain access to better ores. I always thought that you reached bedrock Wwwaawyyyy to early, I mean add 2/3 hundred blocks, and as u get deeper enemies get stronger. For example the depth systen would you be amazing. For example: the bottom layer stronghold chance is 400%, but you need to get the advancement for getting blaze rods. I dont know, but Id really love to see something like that.

    Also add an underground food source, and a permanent boost found in deeper layers (like AugaBuzzard said), Q speed upgrade, or mining speed upgrade... Well just small boosts for all stats would be amazing. I mean, the Minecraft endgame doesn't feel too endgamish, although I know its mostly sandbox. Maybe an arena as an underground structure for a boss? It does sound like a lot of coding in my opinion, with new variables, and conditions, bur I think its something not only I would want to see. 😃

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    I think cave biomes would make going into caves unique and exciting,

    you would never know what to expect.

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    Lucian27091 commented

    There's also this Spigot plugin called "Giant Caves," it doesn't add anything to the game except makes caves much larger, also causing them to be more damaging to people who dig straight down.