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Caves Update



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    I'm just gonna add that there are a lot of ideas in here that have spun off new threads of their own that could use some love and by love I mean your ideas and votes. :)

    Also, please don't just put "yes" or "I agree" or just "more ores" (unless you're specifically naming ores you want to see). These posts aren't considered constructive suggestions or additions, and don't count - your vote counts a LOT more. and we really want to keep the discussion focused on those.

    If you want to see "more" of something, be specific! Upvote comments that have the ideas you agree with.

    Thank you!

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    DYproductions commented
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    I agree


    Maybe with more gems?

    They’d be similar to Emeralds (Building Block, rare to find the ore, etc.)

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    César Vélez commented
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    It Also needs: a better cave generating system, new gems to trade, unique mobs for caves, more minerals and craftings.


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    Maybe are good an idea for add a unique mob, then will appear on caves.. There is the "Ghost Miner". I dont know, its a simple Idea :D

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    TexxElbe commented
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    Hello !

    I had the same idea but something that could be interesting is to add or to modify the mineshaft so that we can find there miner who will sell stuff, ores or enchantment. It could be interesting to add new ores ( copper, titanium, ruby... ) and the most important is to add new mobs ( bears, corrupted miners, golems...)

    I hope that mines will be upgrade after the biomes :D

    ( Sorry for my bad english but I'm french )

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    If copper were added, would it be better than stone but not as good as iron?

    Because that would make sense.

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    Elektrika - commented
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    I like ghost miner idea

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    AquaBuzzardHR commented
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    Here's my thinking. I've been playing a lot of Terraria recently, and no matter what you think of it as a game, it nails the caving system. Because of that, and because I think that Minecraft is already taking a lot of inspiration from it in its 1.14 update (the pillaging reminds me of the Goblin Army, plus all of the cool new crafting stations), I have a few ideas.

    See, what Terraria does is that ore isn't the only major thing caves have in them. In MC, you can just stripmine and you'll be fine. Because the ores are mixed into the blocks. Terraria adds the following:

    - Regular chests with unique chest loot: While Minecraft has chests in some relatively rare structures, Terraria's chests spawn commonly almost everywhere. MC could learn from that. In addition, the loot is kinda basic, but it'll probably have to stay that way as Minecraft isn't an adventuring game like Terraria is.

    - Potential Minecraft counterpart: Underground bookcases: Bookcase formations will spawn in caves around y=12 with a torch (for easy detection) and a chest mixed into the shelves. The chest will contain a single enchanted book, always enchant level 1 but it can be non-leveled enchantments like Silk Touch or Mending as well. The loot also contains Books, Written Books with hints about stuff (Nether, End, the Wither), Paper and Maps. It also has a tiny chance to have a few Enchanted Quills, which allow you to enchant a tool with any enchant without an Anvil or any levels, at the cost of 30 tool durability (80 for diamond).

    - Power-ups or something similar unique to caves: Terraria doesn't just have ore as the only mineable resource. You also have Life Crystals which increase your health permanently. This would be incredibly overpowered in Minecraft, but there can be a counterpart.

    - Potential Minecraft counterpart: Lightning Mushrooms: The concept is that this is an incredibly rare orange-yellow mushroom that you can't place once broken. You instead eat it for one full hunger shank. It will increase your default speed permanently by 0.5% to a maximum of 16%. Meaning that half a stack of these exactly will max you out. Once maxed out, these will heal more hunger. They can also be crafted into Yellow Dye.

    - Underground Minibiomes - A much less common sight, but when you find a glowing mushroom forest or marble cave in Terraria, you know you're in for a treat. Partly because there's diversity in the landscape, but also partially due to the new enemies that surround them and higher rate of chests.

    - Potential Minecraft counterpart: I got no ideas right now. But I think they should be implemented across the entire underground, not per surface biome.

    - The Step Up - At some point you get tired of the regular Underground and are too powerful for what it offers. This is where the Underground Jungle in Terraria comes in. This is a cave system that encompasses the entire space below one of their biomes. New enemies and a lot harder stuff, but much more rewarding. Minecraft has imitated that with the Nether and End almost to the letter, which has created two problems: One, the actual dimensions are boring and need more content to catch up with the Overworld, and two, there's not much underground. However, I think we should focus on adding one of these underneath a single biome instead of doing one for every biome. So that it's a more polished biome overall.

    - Potential Minecraft counterpart - The Mycosphere: The Mushroom Biome is a safe haven until you get to around y-level 30. Then you enter the Mycosphere, a new, unique challenging cavern system that is open down to bedrock. The biome is made up of Stone, Cobblestone and a new Hardened Mycelium block that requires a Diamond Shovel to mine. Lightning Mushrooms are far more common and chests are everywhere, but new insect-based enemies such as ladybugs and wasps impede your progress. There are new things to be made from the drops from those enemies, and new things from the chests in the Mycosphere caves.

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    easypeasy0901 commented
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    I think its a great idea and also add crystals gems and nether caves new mobs
    Also add new ores for weapons and armor

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    - underground & caves overhaul (ruins, traps, dungeons, hundreds of new cave architecture and maybe some sort of biome system, unique locations, unique monsters, & hopefully unique loot that doesnt just make mining meaningless ie. add diamonds to chest)

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    This would work great with the new slabs and stairs in 1.14

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    I agree that there should be special mobs in caves

    Maybe new ores or building block?

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    Blast Burner commented
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    They should make caves more bigger and the tunnels too

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    Allan Porter commented
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    I really like the idea of a caves update. Caves can have their own new biomes such as the following:

    Underground ocean: As the name implies this would be a single but truly vast cavern with gravel and so on going up to y15, water going up to y30 and the ceilings of these vast caverns going up to y55. Just like any other large biomes these vast singular caverns would span many hundreds, sometimes over 1000 blocks in each direction. In these underground oceans you will find new mobs such as electric eels (hostile) and white dolphin (passive), lots of luminescent creatures and perhaps most importantly a new item, cave slime that coats the walls and ceiling (like vines, but slimey and without any thickness so it can be placed between two touching blocks). One cave slime once harvested will drop one cave slime. This can then be placed on the face of any block which makes that face of that block act the same way as a regular slime block, however unlike a slime block you can select which face of the block has that behaviour by placing, or not placing cave slimes onto each individual face. Like vines, caves slimes will grow naturally and so can be harvested, but this will only happen when placed on a vertical face within this new underground ocean biome.

    Other commentors have mentioned many other ideas for different caves, such as ice caves with ice creepers and caves with stalagmites and stalactites and so on.  

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    anders see commented
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    and add more dungeons and super rare loot!!!

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    hari om commented
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    i admit with Allan poter`s idea

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    FellowSphere2 commented
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    What about cave villagers and cave villages

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    TravelByTrain commented
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    A definent necessity for an addition, mesa caves with color full clay, ice caves with crystals, and jungle caves with underground trees would be nice!

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    bcross408 commented
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    I don't know about this idea. For me, caves are a place I don't frequent and when I do it's merely to collect ore, not to gaze at my surroundings. Also, I feel as if cave decorations will get in the way of what's most important: the ore. If I have to break stalagmites, for example, to reach iron ore, I do not want to have to take that extra step and have all of these new decorations invading my limited inventory. 

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    EpicBboy123 commented
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    I like this idea and the underground villages in that comment by FellowSphere2 could be like non abandoned mine shafts.

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    andrewqazxsw commented
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    An idea I had related to this was using the andesite diorite and granite  as different biomes. So instead of small pockets of andesite there could just be a whole cave systems made of andesite and the others. The cave systems could look different depending on what type of stone they are. You could also make new stone like limestone and basalt.

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    LeadedInk132 commented
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    Another good idea is Abandoned Cave Dweller homes. They could have various ores and pickaxes and maybe swords and bows it. It could make cave mining more of a priority and it'd  be easier to find stuff like diamonds and rarely maybe emeralds.

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    NerdyJos commented
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    Maybe if you go too far down, there could be new cave-only biomes, that are irrevilent to what biomes are on the surface.

    Also in ice caves there could be ice zombies, and there could be more molten biomes, where there could be more lava and magma blocks, and lava zombies.

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    I agree, maybe with new Ores, like Copper, Tin, Silver etc.

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    Onlyitchylamp commented
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    The nether and caves need a lot more content

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    I would really like to see new blocks added to the caves such as new ores (something like copper, aluminum, titanium, ruby, sapphire, etc.), stalagmites and stalactites, and more abandoned structures (similar to the mine shaft and stronghold)

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    I think a lot of new oress should be included like,amethyst,ruby,sapphire,and radio active ores, and new metal ores like copper silver aluminum lead and dirt should contain goldnuggets 


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    Caves get boring and repetitive, I think cave biomes would be great.

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    a load of new mobs and intense danger would be great! (more complex underground structures would be nice too)

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    Noracut commented
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    more minerals  more to explore , new cave generating system, new underground biomes