We know you like redstone, but how can we make redstone better?


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    karl smink commented

    Good to see someone else had this idea. 

    Having to recreate basic circuit components with 4-12 blocks is not only tiring, but it makes fitting them into certain spaces practically impossible. 

    If redstone/minecraft had ACTUAL logic gate blocks, you could easily market this as an educational addition, because it would be exactly that. 

    Adding true Boolean Logic to singlular blocks would make building certain contraptions MUCH simpler. 

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    ArduousTag89894 commented

    Or maybe even a transistor gate.  

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    CustomChump3540 commented

    I think this is a bad idea. I love being able to construct logic gates purely out of inversions (redstone torches). it helps me understand them better and i think the redstone computing community would dislike this because it takes away the challenge in creating "compact" circuts

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    creepperklr2 commented

    I really like this idea.  I really do.  I wonder what ingredients you would need.  I really hope to see this.

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    UcHiHa MaDaRA0o commented

    I think the idea is good and usefully more like an end game or mid game item made from redstone dust, torches and other mid game items. The reason why I support is that it will make the redstone computers smaller and faster but open more possibility for redstone devices like subway system and other it will turn 3 or 4 tick adders to 1 tick I look forward for it. It sounds overpowered but will not be it could utilise the truth table logic. There also exist a mod for this but for Java only.

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    RightWay490 commented

    I really liked your idea!

    My suggestion: logic gates NOT, AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR and XNOR could be different blocks rather than just one.

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    Auldrick commented

    As some have mentioned, separate components for Boolean functions would be more convenient to use, but I'd prefer a single programmable gate for several reasons: (1) It requires less development work (separate components would need individual textures and coding), (2) it's more flexible because it makes every Boolean function on 2 variables available, versus the standard AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR, IMP, and EQV (if even that many were implemented), and (3) it teaches Boolean logic and how to use truth tables, important skills for the digital age that too few people are exposed to. And for those already familiar with them, programming any of the standard functions would hardly take 2 seconds.

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    elgatolalo360 commented

    It's a great idea I have gates in my worlds but the truth is if they are big, an AND occupies 4x4x3 blocks that could be reduced to one or two would be great.

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    Jonah Ryman commented

    I think this would be great! It would allow you to save space, especially if you were building non conventional gates. I thought of a recipe too:
    rtr r=redstone
    tct t=redstone torch
    rtr c=cobblestone

    This would save a lot of space and eliminate the need for the repetitive logic gate mods that are seen frequently!

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    XOXDawidPro commented

    No, I disagree. The simple love of making huge computers and programmable contraptions (you heard me right) is the reason many people play this game. Adding such powerful block would remove the fun in many things that made minecraft so great in the first place. I believe additions should be made only if totally impossible before (block placers, etc).

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    evanrv05 commented

    I see where your coming from. but every redstoner i know would HATE this feature. the complexity is part of the fun. it would also basically make redstone repeaters and stuff semi useless.

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