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A gamerule that gives you control of mobs while in spectator


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    The whole point of spectator mode is to not interact with the world at all - to be kind of like a ghost. So your idea is not really good as it is right now.

    However, for things like minigames, I agree that it would sometimes be very cool to be in control of mobs. So I think a better idea would be either to introduce another gamemode that allowed it, or to add a gamerule (like /mobcontrol) that does. What do you think?

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    Good idea and I agree with macchu that it should be a gamerule

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    Method7ego commented

    @Macchu I agree, the whole purpose of spectator mode is to be ghost-like, a gamerule that gives you the option to take control of mobs whilst in spectator mode would be cool and I do not think it would take away from the minecrafty aspect either.

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    instead of having a gamerule for this a gamemode should be in instead

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    ImEMBEAM commented

    Then it would not be spectator mode, Cause spectator mode is for Spectating

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    Martin Villa commented

    yes a gamemode

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    Blast Burner commented

    Okay. Lets do it.

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    Pascal Anema commented

    Maybe change this from being a gamerule, into it being an entity-tag?

    So you can only control entities with the "ControlableInSpectator" tag :D

    But maybe also add some permissions or so to stop some players from doing this in servers where you would only want admins or OP's to be able to do this.


    For the rest, nice and fun idea! :)

    Although it might be pretty hard to add :(

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    Sangheili11 commented

    !natural wonders
    those 2 would work, it doesn't have to be in spec mode as well