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(Feedback site, meta) More questions on what constitutes good feedback


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    Actually, I don't judge the quality or appropriateness of the feedback, even "barely qualified" is still qualified to have a place. We trust the community to set a great example and raise the quality bar with their own postings, and not worry over things that aren't great. 

    It takes a lot to be brave and contribute feedback you feel strongly about, or add a suggestion out there in the world where everyone can see it. Not all ideas are great. They belong here too so they can be seen. Not all great ideas will be implemented for one reason or another. Not all feedback is expressed in useful ways (it will get better over time), but we're a community and we appreciate anyone who takes the time to register and contribute.

    Our guiding star here is:

    Does this follow the guidelines? 

    That said, what I will do is offer well-meaning pointers and tips on ways feedback and ideas can be better presented when applicable. Our core contributors and early adopters have probably seen it in action. Over time there will likely be less of that, but when people know what works, then we will likely see more of it. 

    But back to the point here. Over time, we expect things that the community believes is subpar or not good for the game to simply not get the votes. Don't vote for bad ideas and they'll likely just sink under the weight of incredible, thoughtful, well constructed ideas over time.

    I'm really happy the community has taken to the new category system with only moderate moving and shuffling around needed on my part, so things are already working well from here.

    Thanks for asking! Keep bringing these thoughts up so everyone can share in the discussion!

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    No approval pending, I feel trusted <3

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    Thanks for the reply, Nova. I guess it can just get frustrating to see ideas like those get more support than other objectively better ideas. However, and I kind of saw this one coming, the principle of "all feedback deserves to be heard" is a noble one and I think that at the end of the day, you're right. Here's to upvoting other people's excellent ideas!

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    Updated topic to clarify which website we're talking about. :)