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How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs!





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    I see the Ostrich!

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    Awesome on the Savannah creature to tamed Rides on the farm

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    You've an interesting mob here! 

    Sticking their head in the sand is a common myth.  They don't actually do that, but it really isn't a harmful myth.

    Drops sound like it will be akin to the Chicken:  Feathers, possibly eggs, and maybe meat.  Ostrich is eaten in Africa and it is a dark red meat according to Wikipedia. They also can produce leather apparently?

    Perhaps ostriches are the only way to exterminate termites:  Any time you try to destroy a termite spawn block, it just infests nearby blocks.

    And although I didn't think it possible: Wikipedia does mention Ostrich Racing as part of South African culture.  It does say they're harder to control than horses ... so perhaps their Riding mechanic should be faster than a pig, slower than a horse, and sometimes they deviate from your desired path.


    Congrats to Ostrich fans!


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    natejb2003 commented

    I would advise not to have ostriches stick their heads into sand, this is a myth and it's important to not add myths like this. Remember the parrot? The team had to change parrots so that they die when their fed cookies, because they were gonna have them be fed with them, due to a common myth of "Polly want a cracker."

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    승헌 전 commented

    Would like to suggest ostrich as a faster mount than horse

    (Since it is really faster than horse, this as a reference: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fastest_animals)

    But they should be harder to control

    Like carrot on a stick mechanic like pig - able to walk only in line of sight and only autojump, or perhaps, ostrich randomly striding into random directions while controlling(In a safe zone, of course)

    Or maybe, player will eventually fall off the ostrich if the riding gauge turns to 0, and replenishing the gauge by carrot stick or other new items, maybe termites?

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    it would be cool if you can mount it


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    Morgio124 commented

    Im okay with termites but ostriches...
    Don't seem like a MINECRAFT thing


    Also why must everything atack villagers


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    You can do many on it ride and breeding last and lay a big

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    Lilliana Howe commented

    you should be able to tame and ride an ostrich with seeds and a saddle, and be faster than anything else

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    Das ist gut gemacht worden

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    kezarius commented

    I can't wait

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    mr.enderpanda commented

    Can you do a behavioural of ostrich that when they breed they will go into their nest and lay egg and it will take 5 to 6 minecraft days to hatch. Like turtle eggs? Pls?

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    mr.enderpanda commented

    Can you do a behavioural of ostrich that when they breed they will go into their nest and lay egg and it will take 5 to 6 minecraft days to hatch. Like turtle eggs? Pls?

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    Damn do I hate the "ostriches stick their head in the sand" trope.

    They don't it's pure fiction. If you're gonna suggest it, at least make it have a function. Give them a reason to actually do so. It's just so incredibly dumb.

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    LadyAsani commented

    As someone who grew up next to a real ostrich farm— yes. The kicks of those birds are painful and boy are they fast! It would be interesting to have them as a fighting mount similar to how the traveling billagers can have the spitting llamas.

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    LikaLarukuToo commented

    Ostriches don't actually stick their heads in the ground. It's just one of the many incorrect things kids learn from Looney Tunes about animals, like adult mice & cats are lactose intolerant & will get sick if they consume milk or cheese, & a bone is toy for a dog, not a type of food.

    I have heard that ostriches are gamey but still edible barbecued.

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    GrandLitboy88 commented

    Good job with the idea now its going to be in Minecraft


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    YumeRini commented

    Ostriches are know for their agility. They better be fast!