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NBT tags in custom recipes


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    CivetKitty commented

    Without nbt crafting, custom crafting can be considered as a cheat. I doubt it will be a thing in 1.13 though, but I hope it will come in future versions.

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    David Henze commented

    I wish, you would just focuse on this in the next update. I don't understand too much of programming, the only language I can is the minecraft command language ;), but I think, it wouldn't even be too hard to implement. Just do it like it is done with the loot tables. You could add a function called set_nbt, just as in the loot tables and then just paste the custom nbt data of an item. It would make datapacks soooo much better to implement their "new" items, because you can legitimately craft them in a normal crafting table

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    tryashtar commented

    Strongly agreed. This was planned but didn't make it into 1.13. Important feature.

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    Weero2017 commented


    Before 1.13 was updated,I had high expectations for custom recipe,

    but bugjump(mojang) hasn't added nbt in recipe

    Without NBT,what can a recipe do?

    Crafting a Trident by Prismarine Shard?

    maybe,but how can I Crafting a  dust(sugar) called "ore dust" by a ore?

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    Unbiunium commented

    NBT in custom recipes would be an awesome addition! I have some data pack projects of my own that have hit a roadblock, because I couldn't get an easy way to give items with NBT to my players! Many other people have this problem too. NBT in crafting inputs looks really ambitious, but at the very least NBT in the output would be just amazing.

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    BreakingBen23 commented

    NBT Would add functionality to increase custom recipe capabilities so much.  I just discovered myself that customizing fireworks is limited by this lack of feature. 

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    FVbico commented

    Just saying, this was already confirmed to happen like the moment data packs could use recipes; but it's a lot to consider with showing the player what'll actually need to be consumed (for input), and needs quite a refactoring (for output and input)

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    With new furnaces and workbenches we just need this... Imagine datapack where you can craft sushi or custom heads... :)

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    tintin10q commented

    We need this!

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    Hulunabc commented

    I agree. I think it can be a "set_nbt" or "set_name" function just like in loot_tables.

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    TheZit445 commented

    Hey, Mojang team. Add this feature, please. You're gave us opportunity to create custom crafts, but what recipe can we create? Usual Saddle? Usual Armor for horses? It so boring! Recently you add custom model tag for items, and now we can create new things. And if you add opportunity to use NBT in creating custom recipes, we'll can create new awesome items! New better pickaxes, axes; new magic gems! Amulets, staffs, and more and more! You must add this feature! Or we can use custom title for ingredients and result! For example, we have two diamonds, one of them is usual, but second is magic, and for create magic diamond sword, we must use only magic diamond that may be with custom title, enchanted and more other. If you add it in game, you'll opening a lot of opportunities for creativity! Add it, пожалуйста!

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    Andiuber commented

    No se mucho sobre los NBT, pero se que es muy genial para personalizar entidades, me gustaría aprender mas sobre ello :3

    Ojalá lo puedan añadir :D

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    En _ commented

    I honestly don't know why they haven't done this already. It's such a useful addition and they meant to do it earlier. There are methods around this such as giving a certain item like a knowledge book and replacing it with the wanted item, however there aren't many dummy items in game that don't have an actual purpose and can't be normally crafted in survival. And the few items that you can use might be interfering across multiple datapacks.

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    Add this for bedrock edition too that be great!

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    Pascal Anema commented

    This would be made possible with the help of macros, without having to change the recipe format :)

    Macros also provide many more upsides, so I think that should be the main focus here, not this perse (because macros do so much more and will also enable you to have NBT tags inside custom recipes)

    But okey, maybe macros can also be combined with the addition of NBT tags inside custom recipes to make it easier to just add some NBT tags on the fly.

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    Fabian Kunze commented

    This is now more wanted than ever because of the new CustomModel tag!

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    The Kaividian commented

    The moment this is implemented, the floodgates open for new content that we can create. This combined with the CustomModel tag we already have with items means that the potential for new items becomes literally unlimited. The reason this wasn't already implemented is beyond me, but I'm so eagerly waiting the day it is implemented.

    Picture this, using the loottable, you give polarbears a leather drop but apply a custom model to it so that you can give it a unique, white leather texture. Then, using nbt crafting recognition, you recognise that the item is carrying a tag that identifies itself as not being ordinary leather in the leather armour crafting recipe. You create a new crafting recipe for leather armour and apply an NBT data output so that the armour is already white but also apply some Armour Toughness attribute to it as a little buff to compensate for the fact that Polar Bear leather is less obtainable than ordinary leather.

    This is 1 feature that becomes doable with this 1 tiny change, there are so many things that can be done with this.

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    This is definitely needed, otherwise custom recipes are pretty much useless for adventure maps and datapacks that add new items.

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    I also feel you im making an adventure map and need a cross bow named AK-47, a iron sword named Swiss Army Knife, and they need to be enchanted also, and they need to come from the /give command because I already have the command block ready I just don't know what to put in it

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    Fabian Kunze commented

    @Carlos Jimenez
    but isn't exactly that possible, through the CustomModelData tag ?

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    RandomGgames commented

    Absolutely should be added! After playing Minecraft for 8 years and wanting to do bigger projects, ever since they added recipe files I wish this would work (especially now in 1.14.X).

    Great for custom data packs that have become so popular and maps for custom items.

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    SmileyRocket commented

    yes! this would be so good!

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    rpgbuster commented

    I've created a collection of datapacks and added others' to my server as well, and there are some /trigger and some /function commands which I want my players to have access to.

    I created a custom book with NBT data to have clickable links which run the commands I want them to have access to, regardless of being OP or not. It works GREAT!!

    If the book is lost, they have to go to spawn and activate a command block to give @p a copy of the book. It would be so wonderful to make a custom crafting recipe such as a centered empty book in a 3x3 grid crafts into my Guide Book for them. Sadly, this requires NBT data. Can 1.15 add it as an experimental feature and see where it goes from there? Maybe with "require NBT match: true/false" for components, or an array of "any of these NBT setups will be called a match" including an entry flag for "none"

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    This needs to be a feature, I cant even begin to understand why this isn't one to begin with. As a datapack creator, I'm tired of having to use work arounds like dispensers as crafting tables when there's a perfectly good solution in game, but it's just missing the final piece.

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    This was "confirmed" but two versions later still not added? Come on Mojang, custom crafting is literally useless without the ability to modify the NBT. I'm tired of using /data get on droppers.