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Taming the Ender Dragon


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    Vladek16 commented

    yes please ! I've been dreaming for tameable dragons since they are in the game :D

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    everblue22 commented

    What if, you could get different mob heads and equip them on to your dragon and then they could get special abilities, like they could have a one in four chance of inflicting the wither de-buff when it attacks, this feature would go with getting a chance to obtain the mob's head upon killing it.  If you equip it with a dragon head it gets a brand new "dragon rush" buff  (by gaining the old ender dragon's power) the buff would make it stronger (boss levels of health), faster and would give it the old dragon's attacks, however, it would only last 8 minutes and would take 20 minutes to recharge.   

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    I would love to have tameable and rideable dragons in Minecraft! I have wanted this feature for a long time and now that Update Aquatic is out of the way, they could start working on a tameable Ender Dragon! I also agree on it being tamed with course fruit, since it gives off that Ender vibe. Also, if the player isn't happy with the color of the Ender Dragon, they could dye it and give it a new color and particle effects! Or even giving it a new power such as fire, ice or water?

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    RetroXZ / commented

    :l ... oh no for gods sake...

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    MajorFox15 commented

    I think adding tameable and rideable dragons in Minecraft is a great idea! And instead of the hole color changing, it should be a collar. (Like a dog or a cat) and taming it with chorus fruit is perfect!


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    LarissaNF commented

    Please let us tame the 


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    I agree with this so much! As well as them Adding the Red Dragon!

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    Rapunzor commented

    I love this idea!

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    Erik Pina commented

    It would be cool if it gets its abilities based on the location it is hatched or maybe add other dragons in to certain biomes in which you can steel their eggs and raise some for yourself.

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    richRavioli commented

    taming a dragon would be way too overpowered even if it can only fly, well guess what that's why they gave the player an elytra. plus if they added a dragon child the end cities would be deemed almost completely useless, leaving them with only two good items being a dragon head and shulker boxes.

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    It should be able to be healed with obsidian