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Phantoms should spawn in the End


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    YES PLEASE! The End is so boring. Having a bunch of flying phantoms in the end would really help balance this "end game" dimension with the dangers of the Nether.

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    karl smink commented
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    Phantoms spawning trigger seems more fitting for The End, anyway. 

    Players can spend extended periods in the end without sleeping since there isn't' a Day/Night cycle. Hopping from one City to the next, or AFK'ing at an Endermen farm, should come with risks. 

    Phantoms would also pose a significantly higher threat in the End, knocking players on the edge of an island into the Void.

    Most players I know who roam in the overworld carry a bed to skip the night anyway. Phantoms rarely have the ability to spawn at all. 

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    meh meh commented
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    Not to mention considering how hard they are to kill for a fairly new player (who will most likely be the only ones encountering them unintentionally), compared to how useless their drop is at that point in the game! The only 2 things it's used for is potions of slow falling (which tell me outside of elytra when has anybody ever used?) and to repair elytra which is quite literally an end game item! 

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    Mc Rat commented
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    I agree, but only after they've been nerfed along with the annoying insomnia mechanic

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    Burger Eater commented
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    maybe this could be apart of an end update? maybe they sometimes protect end cities or the ender dragon? or maybe there spawning is more balanced so they aren't annoying like they are now? and maybe the ender dragon can call for them? good post to.    :)