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Phantoms should spawn in the End


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    YES PLEASE! The End is so boring. Having a bunch of flying phantoms in the end would really help balance this "end game" dimension with the dangers of the Nether.

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    karl smink commented
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    Phantoms spawning trigger seems more fitting for The End, anyway. 

    Players can spend extended periods in the end without sleeping since there isn't' a Day/Night cycle. Hopping from one City to the next, or AFK'ing at an Endermen farm, should come with risks. 

    Phantoms would also pose a significantly higher threat in the End, knocking players on the edge of an island into the Void.

    Most players I know who roam in the overworld carry a bed to skip the night anyway. Phantoms rarely have the ability to spawn at all. 

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    meh meh commented
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    Not to mention considering how hard they are to kill for a fairly new player (who will most likely be the only ones encountering them unintentionally), compared to how useless their drop is at that point in the game! The only 2 things it's used for is potions of slow falling (which tell me outside of elytra when has anybody ever used?) and to repair elytra which is quite literally an end game item! 

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    Burger Eater commented
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    maybe this could be apart of an end update? maybe they sometimes protect end cities or the ender dragon? or maybe there spawning is more balanced so they aren't annoying like they are now? and maybe the ender dragon can call for them? good post to.    :)

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    I don't think adding phantoms is a good idea. The idea of having to worry about not sleeping for phantoms to attack you, you looking up the end sky in worry whil still trying to avoid looking at Endermen and trying to do your planned task would be annoying, not fun, and unnecessary.

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    Cliwau commented
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    Yes! Or maybe a variation of the phantom that drops gunpowder!

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    It would be a fun challenge if they spawned especially around end ships to protect the elytras!

    Some people think it would be too hard, but… it’s normal, it’s supposed to be the End of the game! And highly valuable loot deserves some amount of difficulty.

    But I understand that it could be very annoying, for example if you want to build when you’ve already spent some time in this dimension. So I got an idea: why not adding an item, a new totem, that you would find in the End and that would repulse phantoms? I created a post for it here.

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    Daniel Black commented
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    Great idea, I would love to see it implemented.

    For those who are concerned about getting mobbed by phantoms, here is my balance suggestion: Make more phantoms spawn the further you get from a major island. No phantoms would spawn directly over major islands. This would make it so if you want to build long bridges you will fight more phantoms or you could play it safe and avoid (most of) the phantoms.

    This would also make it much harder to 'skip' the dragon by building to the outer islands before killing the dragon for the first time. If you tried to 'skip' the dragon, you would get mobbed by tons of phantoms and most likely killed.


    Note: If you have not tried flying with the phantoms, it is fun aaaannnnd a death sentence. I tried it... once.

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    Mory TheBlobs commented
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    Yes! I was going to submit this idea myself, and I found this post. This would totally fix the phantoms issue. It would also make the dragon fight a little harder, since you can't use Potions of Slow Falling (unless you bridge to the outer islands). Phantoms would fit in The End too, because they fly like the dragon, and because we know that phantom membranes are the material for elytra.

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    Lasercraft 32 commented
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    Um... the end is entirely floating islands. Most of the time you have to place blocks and make precarious bridges just to get anywhere. Having Phantoms in the End would be literal heck (Plus, what made Phantoms unique is that they are one of the few flying mobs specific to the overworld). As cool as it is in concept, in actuality it would be really really annoying. :/