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Post your suggestions for new skins, textures and worlds made by creators for availability in the Marketplace/Store. We cannot assist with purchase issues or bugs. We are not likely to implement Minecoins as an earned currency for Mini-games or an achievement.


(Feature Request) Add "Personal content' to Marketplace


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    This would be great! You could upload on one device and download from another! This would be great for having online backups in case your device breaks and if a bedrock to java world transfer were added. this could utilize onedrive!

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    I half agree
    There cpulc be a part where you can for free upload and download others maps but it would not be cross platform because of mcpe mods filling you with virus and it could be accesed with a susbscription or something of that kind

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    Yes this would be cool to add because there is quite a bit of talented people out there we could share their creations with the world

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    Nice idea! I actually have a personal resource pack idea that I doubt would work as a full pack, so this will let me share it. I’m also considering a personal Minecraft Monday-recreation world.