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Venomous snakes


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    ColdiSoCool commented

    That would be cool, but what if we could tame them with a flute? You’d need three pieces of iron. You could tame them, and they could poison the mobs you attack, killing them faster. You could also harvest antidote from a tame snake.

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    everblue22 commented

    Cool!  Maybe adders could be used for the extreme hills biome, they would be docile while they sunbathe on the hills,  at night they would hunt (since there are no mice they can hunt rabbits).  The severity of the poison would depend on the type of snake.  Maybe they can introduce antidotes for cave spiders and pufferfish?


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    *ophidiophobic screaming*

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    Blast Burner commented

    I'm down.

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    Trenix90 commented

    Venomous snake sounds cool, but all the added features you suggested are too much. Would be nice if we just break tall grass and have a chance of being poisoned and having a snake spawn.

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    KoiTheKarokee commented

    I love this idea! I think it would also be cool if the cats were scared of snakes, so they will avoid them at all costs.

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    ForcefulRevan commented

    Really cool! What if there were neutral snakes too? This way you would have to hit them for them to attack you.