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    StealthyExpertX commented

    This feature needs to be way more customizable than the Java Edition's terrain generator.


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    TubsO28 commented

    This would be really fun to play with but I do think there are other pressing matters, with a new UI that's more responsive this feature would be even better implemented in the future. 

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    MCPEGaming103 commented

    Good Thing! I really want this. And actually bedrock edition should have it! Custom Superflat Worlds!!!

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    ComicSpider2141 commented

    I was hoping other people cared about this issue... luckily I am not alone! I like Bedrock Edition (I play console), but this bugged me.



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    Tobi Farnsworth commented

    we don't on console - we do have super flat but a "custom world" is only on PC,

    unless that's what you mean


    after all the aquatic update made Minecraft popular with my friends and they don't like minecraft

    It would explode the population and I support you if you agree

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    Vohyufx Rsneta commented

    I was thinking bring back customized maps, but add the following:

    Add a checklist for which biomes you want in your world.

    Add a frequency for each biomes checked,

    Add biome sizes for each individual checked biome.

    Add an option for Continents, Archipelago, and Default (similar to Biomes O Plenty)

    Beep Buffet, but have it as a setting of either Caves, Default, or Sky.

    For Buffet Caves: Add a new element to it that light up the map, since it is really dark. This can be done with patches of glowstone or something of that sort like in the nether. Maybe ass mushrooms that give off light.

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    Absolus6664 commented

    This needs to be added, mojang pls plspls

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    Tobi Farnsworth commented

    Please Add This:

    I agree, in fact there was an illegal mod for console ps4, which allowed custom

    world values and data to be streamed, and outputted the custom hightmap seed in code to be copy and pasted into the seed bar, meaning players could redeem their worlds via text input.

    and it had PC options - but no one expects - but does want - mojang and Microsoft to have custom worlds for all versions:

    the people in java get it all in snapshot then when an update comes out we get

    'its delayed for this version see legacy console for more' then it never comes out

    a valid example is the structure block, this block is doesn't need coding if we could just use a button GUI substitute, I personally only want to move large builds with less effort; especially if it's a repeating_pattern_build such as a wall.

    this is valid proof to mojang / microsoft / 4J that custom worlds need to be added and that there's demand. because this isn't a PC screenshot, it's a console ps4 mod, later taken down...

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    Ezekiel Flint commented

    I have been wanting this for so long, I’m glad to see others want this also, so hopefully this will be implemented soon.

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    WellLearner979 commented

    we want it in 1.15 update. It sounds cool for our bedrock edition map makers.

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    CycloneDusk commented

    They REMOVED customized world generation ;_;



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    DudeStrange commented

    Default world generation on bedrock is already pretty nice, imagine what we could get with a little bit of customization...

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    TheWowSign and the Signs of Goodness commented

    They should upvote this, I WANT CUSTOM FLAT WORLDS

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    Douglas Fernando commented

    Villages on Superflat Worlds, Pre-Sets for Custom!!! Very Very Very Amazing!!!

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