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(Java Parity) Allow Minecraft Players To Program Plugins For Minecraft Maps And Realms

under review


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    Bitsof7 commented
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    I'd like to have more comads and things like land claim pvp zone and not pvp zone plugins. make that chunk claim instead 

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    FlatHawk5848 commented
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    I also would love to see plugins added to a official Minecraft launcher so we would not have to deal with outdated servers and limited functionality in terms of what can be on the server since most unofficial server software for bedrock edition is lackluster and is annoying to use cause it doesn't give you all the newest features and blocks/mobs that the new update features.

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    KingHylton commented
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    Yeah, with everyone doing servers for Java (because of better programs/plugins) there is no true server community for Bedrock, any third party servers with proper plugin support are abandoned all the time and the ones that do work are lacking basic game features.