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Translucent Water


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    linkycatrl commented

    what one do you play on? java edition? if not, then they have translucent water now with the new update.

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    Another question is what is your graphics settings?  When I first updated I was dismayed to find water surfaces to be opaque.  But then I turned fancy graphics back on and the water is now translucent.

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    UnlistedMonk commented

    Great suggestion, clearly needed. For bedrock edition I would suggest translucent/clear water when above sea level.

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    James Douglas commented

    Maybe make the water darker if there is a lot of it, and more translucent if there is just one block.

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    avnixmail commented

    i think a big part of the problem is that the water texture displays on the sides of transparent blocks that are next to water (Glass, slime blocks, etc.) This is why its often much easier to see things in the water if you are in the water with them, rather than looking through glass at them. If this were changed, i think fish tanks and views from underwater bases would look a lot better.

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    Evan Diaz commented

    Maybe make water more translucent behind glass?

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    Samy Wamy commented

    Try turning on fancy graphics I'm pretty sure that fixes it