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Increase clone command limit

under review


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    Updated topic to reflect actual request.

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    MindBlown101 commented

    What about the lower end devices, huh? There are other players who use phones[such as myself] and their devices won't be able to handle that.

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    UnlistedMonk commented

    Great question! Why so many limitations in this version, Minecraft? The phone version should have never been linked to computer and console version.

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    It does seem a shame to limit everyone so the people who are playing on low end phones don’t risk overtaxing their hardware.  Maybe add a toggle in settings to increase fill/clone limits, and it has the warning that some devices might struggle doing large fills or clones.  Plus there’s nothing forcing you to do the largest fill/clone possible.  If you know you have a device that can’t handle it, don’t do huge fills and clones.

    And it doesn’t even make sense to have different fill/clone limits for mobile vs the other versions, since mobile devices vary between potato phones and high end tablets.  (Or potato tablets and high end phones) I think the best solution is to give the ability to expand the limits, and if someone who shouldn’t be doing large fills and clones overrides the default limit and has problems, that’s their own fault.

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    YeezyKing001 commented

    The max number of blocks should also be based on what device you have. For example, I have an IBUYPOWER gaming pc so I would be able to place more blocks than a phone or tablet etc.   

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    Florian181000 commented

    It would be very great for PC, but not Mobiles (excepts high end devices)

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    Zorro8183 commented

    I agree that there SHOULD be a "toggle" as when I'm on my computer the commands are almost useless to me when working on my main world because, as an example, my hotel in the air is so large that you have to use a rail system to travel it. Well, you know months it took me just to do the underlayment of the roof because the commands wouldn't let me do large chunks at a time? This is not only very frustrating but annoying and EXTREMELY time consuming having to do each and every block manually!

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    sam dodds commented

    comand blocks are in the game now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    J03YK4NG4R002 commented

    Then you get the tet

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    If you have a phone perhaps you should act with restraint on such commands then?


    For single player worlds at least there must be a way to detect what kind of device the game is running on? Sense most maps are likely made in a single player environment?

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    As a addition to what I said before, if there isn't a way to detect which device is using minecraft perhaps there could be a sepreat command which set the limit for fill and clone? With the /help guide noteing recommendations for each device?

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    adroppedbombz commented

    just a thought for pc or at least java mabey you can realease the file location to edit the file and get higher limit but this is assuming that the file is simillar to how people give them selves gama or how u change build height on servers