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15th Anniversary Cape For Java Players


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    I have both Minecraft version and when I try to claim my 15 year cape the cape claim thing says I don't own any Minecraft please fix this

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    I'm also with the same problem the other user has; I own both games, I migrated, everything is alright with my account, but when I log in and try to redeem the anniversary cape, it says "It looks like you don’t own Minecraft yet!", like, what? Guys, please fix this.

    Edit: 3 hours later I was able to redeem the cape, It worked; Mojang servers are probably unstable by the sheer amount of people trying to access and receive the rewards.

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    Same issue. I've owned Minecraft for a very long time and a lot of other players are getting it just fine :(


    Edit: I notice that when I go to my profile, click Account at the top-right on the page, and it still says "Log in" even though I'm very much logged in. I tried clicking that and it took me again through the login process, nothing changed about that button afterwards. Maybe this has something to do with the cape not being able to be claimed.